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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mushrooms for Your Health

It has been a very long time that I have had a love affair with mushrooms. I was very young the first time my father took me to Kennett Square on one of his mushroom buying drives.

The mushroom houses were long, dark buildings filled with trays of soil and all kinds of amazing mushrooms sprouting from that soil.

The mushrooms were packed in wooden baskets and we even purchased mushroom soil in bags to add to his gardens.

Over the years I've learned more and more about amazing fungi. Most recently I've become interested in the idea of using mushrooms for toxic remediation because of a video I watched a while back. This is related to my work with the Silver Valley Community Action Center, and a longtime goal of SVCRC to find a better way to do mine clean up than repositories.

I'll continue to be a mushroom lover, and a user of mushrooms for health. We offer very high quality medicinal mushrooms and these are the ones I have used to help many people with a variety of health concerns. Contact us FMI(see Mycelia and Beta-Glucan). We're pleased to supply your needs.

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Natural Health Products said...

Mushrooms also have a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Their legendary effects on promoting good health and vitality.