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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Health Reform Bill Conundrum

As I understand it, hidden deep inside the 2700 or more pages of the recently passed health bill is a small detail I think my readers should know.

As you may know the issue of pre-existing conditions was a major PR focus in the efforts to ram this bill through Congress, and get the citizenry to think they were really getting something.

What's missing is this tiny detail I fell upon in the past day or so about exactly what happens to one of the Big Insurance carriers that will be allowed in the "pool" to sell you something that will continue to give their CEO at least $13 million a year in salary without perks.

And you might end up not getting your claims paid if you happen to have one of these items, obscure and otherwise, deemed "pre-existing" by insurance profiteers.

It just so happens that whomever has been writing this bill, and of late it always seems that industry is writing the legislation, they sure seem to favor industry over Joe or Jane Citizen.

The slap on the hand for denying coverage for "pre-existing" is a paltry $100 a day. To Big Insurance the $100 a day fine doesn't even measure up to pocket change.

In the interim, you or a loved one could die.

Don't you think it might be a good idea to start taking back responsibility for your health?

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