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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Johnson & Johnson's Wild Spending Spree

Johnson & Johnson has an abysmal record of back door deals with a number of their drugs and nursing homes and Medicaid reimbursing programs. They don't seem to be stopping the money train around the Beltway. New rulings and legislation probably are giving them another go ahead as usual, but make sure you keep you eye on them.
Johnson & Johnson, the huge maker of health products from Band-Aids to biologic drugs, spent $1.64 million in the fourth quarter lobbying the government on issues related to the health care overhaul and on multiple bills that could affect its revenue, according to a recent disclosure form.

That was up 15 percent from the $1.44 million the New Brunswick, N.J.-based company spent lobbying in the year-ago period, but slightly less than the $1.66 million in spent in the third quarter of 2009. Read complete article
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