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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Best look out for egos

Because our focus is health, and better yet, NATURAL HEALTH, that means we include environment in our definition.

Now environment to some may be a bad word, except when they think they can muscle in on on everyone and come out on top. SO that to me implies bullyism and ultimately greed. You know, that old saw about "he who has the most toys wins".

Well there seems to be a greedy son-of-a ...fertilizer sprayer guy out of Ohio that thinks he and his new mega corporation will take over the environment hands down.

That environment to him is your lawn and garden. And in his fervor he plans to squash all the recycled soda bottles and worm waste he can, just to keep them out of his way.

That way is not the yellow brick road but the plan to the takeover and control the more ecological product line of a great idea start-up company.

You may have guessed it by now, the guy who thinks he is such a big shot because he's logged over 500,000 miles in the corporate jet in a year is the Scotts/Miracle Gro CEO.

He's on a 'verre de terre' hunt, big time. No nets, just intimidating tactics to scare some the new guys on the block. Yes, it's that old corporate tactic of ego puffing and fear mongering. Really tells you a lot about Scotts corporate social responsibility doesn't it.

Did he forget that Santa, when working for Macy's, told people to shop at Gimbels.

Or, you might say, I bet the guy never read 'Small is Beautiful' or took a course in whole system design.

That's probably true.

So what can we learn from all this?

Well the point is that your garden, and the gardens that feed a lot of us from small family farms, can improve your environment if you improve on them. Simply improve the soil and what feeds what you grow. Yes, we are all a part of it and the circle does go round and round.

Tune in to TerraCycle and learn about the great idea that flourished from the "garbage, garbage, garbage" of some Princeton dining hall and the tons of empty milk jugs and soda bottles thrown away daily in this country.

Bless Thomas Edison and ingenuity!

If you know anything at all about worms you know that they can turn your household garbage into great fertilizer and use it to up the yield of that victory garden you've planted for this year's season.

But now comes the guy on the jet who says "Whoa, you can't do that". Just like his Monsanto buddies that urge you to use RoundUp. All that does is increase your risk of cancer and give you bigger weeds to kill with more and more RoundUp.

I'm packing some big guns here and you don't cross my corner.

Snidely WhipScott rears his ugly head and sends out the attorneys (those legal larcenists that go for the $$$ you know) to start that paper trail.

For the rest of the story its your turn to check it out because I've never seen a package of anything look like MiracleGro or Scotts, Even all that good stuff from my usual supplier Garden's Alive(purchase via our shpping village to help support our work). Now that I've seen TerraCycle, there sure is someone out of Ohio lacking in visual acuity.

Gee, Arlo where are you? We need a new song.

In the interim, return all your Scotts and go for the GLOW(worm, that is).