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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Salt Savvy

UPDATE: 23 March
It seems, once again, that I've stirred up the hornet's nest on this topic of Himalayan salt.

It also seems that the proponents of this salt do not like to support free speech or any other data than their own.

Personally, I'll side with Gandhi, and also support free speech.
Also note that Washington state is going to get some stimulus money. Chris Gregoire says that a block of funds will be used to improve WA drinking water. The first thing she needs to do is take out all the fluoride in water systesm areound the state to stop poisoning the citizens. You can contact her office and let her know that flouride must be eliminated, and thank you.

Additional commenatary is as follows based on an anonymous comment I received this morning. Please note that it is our policy to NOT post anonymous comments as a general rule.
[Natural Health News] New comment on Salt Savvy.
Hi Gayle,

We received a similar email back in December 2008, also from "Ed Leach".

Attached were the test results, as well as the "double-blind" human study meant to prove the benefits of "Himalaya Crystal Salt".


Apparently, the test was done on January 3, 2008, using a method heretofore unheard of ("M4500FC"). Tests were conducted by Turner Laboratories. There were no other details given. There is no detail on what the "solution" tested was.

This same document can be found on other "Himalaya Salt" websites, i.e.

Ed Leach claims that the result was 0.01 ppm, which is wrong. The result indicated was 0.1 ppm. While this may certainly be possible, there is no info as to what the solution was which actually got tested.

Further, Mr. Leach further seems unaware of the fact that fluoride content may vary batch by batch.

If he were truly concerned, every batch should be analyzed according to established protocols, and results posted on his website.

Concerning Mr. Leach's statement:

"This amount, although almost insignificant from a chemical perspective and surely inconsequential as a suspect in causing harm to human beings, still reflects the homeopathic potential for fluoride as a necessary and important complement to human health and wellbeing."

Fluoride is NOT a "necessary or important complement to human health and wellbeing". It is not an essential element, as has been proven many times. It is a poison.

Mr. Leach claims that he "is the exclusive importer of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® as featured in the exciting and compelling book, Water and Salt, The Essence of Life, by Dr. Barbara Hendel, M.D. and Biophysicist, Peter Ferreira."

The scam around this book and salt has already been covered elsewhere, in great detail.


As was discovered by German researchers, the salt marketed by Leach, Ferreira et al, comes from the Khewra salt mine in Pakistan, a range approximately 700 meters high, and far away from the "Himalaya" mountain range...

This "wellness test" was done by a company called "Fenestra Research". This company claimed on its website:

"Take your nutritional product sales to new heights by partnering with Fenestra Research. Make us your ally."

That explains a lot....

As someone stated on another forum:
Apparently they claim to "measure 34 clinical markers in human physiology to a very high degree of accuracy, and conclude the level of 'wellness' exhibited by individual clients with specific recommendations for improving areas of concern. Of course, the results of these tests or how they work aren't published. The whole company seems to have been formed to give credence to (oewoo) and also make a quick buck off of individuals hoping to acquire a (false) sense of legitimacy to their products."

On yet another forum you can read more: "Fenestra Research is not independent, is not impartial, and performs only one test of their own design which is judged by their own standards."


The scam continues...


You be the judge.

I do believe in salt for health, the natural kind, farmed preferred. I don't believe in mass marketing schemes and promoting false data, or hiding data, for the point of selling something, with profit as the motive.

I have been using natural salt much longer than it has been the latest crazy fad. I also use a very special type of salt that is farmed, and then prepared in a very special way according to old way of Zen. This salt will run circles around what your MLM party is selling or even that at Swanson's.

I am very careful about health food and natural products. I'm careful because I've watched this industry since the 1950s and I know a lot of change has come along: Sometines change is not good, nor healthy.

Because I have been known for decades as a critical thinker, I have joined with others on an expert panel at the Natural Products Foundation to serve as a resource for journalists and others seeking better information about natural products and this industry.

My caveat to other readers is, look before you leap.

A reader wrote to me about salt.

She stated, "I was reading with interest your article posted on about the toxicity in himalayan crystal salt.

I am bothered by the fluoride content of these salts and the heavy metals too. In the analyis given at Gamma Salt, the NB states that some of the analysis were provided by the "Institute of Biophysical Research in Las Vegas, NV in USA". Upon further discovery, I found that it is a NON-EXISTENT institution!

I have attached this PDF for your review if interested.

I slso contacted Fisher Environmental Labs to get their response to this, but they have not responded to my inquiry."

The Fisher Lab report shows Fluoride at 16 PPM (parts per million). Fluoride may be toxic in amounts least than 1 PPM.

For those people "hooked" on the so called pink himalayan salt, you might wish to get more scientific data before you stock up.

Please see FMI

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