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Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

UPDATE: April 1
First Aid Remedy for your gardening medicine chest- #1 Remedy: First in First Aid for its ability to minimize trauma, bleeding, bruises and swelling after accidents and to relieve soreness, muscleaches, back and joint pain after trauma, workout, exertion, childbirth... Arnica comes first in first aid for its ability to minimize bruising, bleeding, swelling, initial shock and pain following injuries, dental work, surgery, childbirth... Whenever backs are lifting and joints are twisting, Arnica can minimize the swelling, bruising and pain that can aggravate the initial trauma. Even with no obvious sign of injury, Arnica helps ease stiffness, muscular soreness and pain following frights, exercise, overexertion, sprains, lifting, or even a strong cough. A dose before and after a workout can minimize the next day's stiffness and help the muscles heal. A dose after any head injury is highly recommended, but don't put off the ambulance just because it feels better. For its importance in minimizing trauma, Arnica should be in every room, playground, purse, tool box, first aid kit, office, sports arena and automobile. --------------------------------------
UPDATE on Important Legislative Issues
While HR 875 (DeLauro's bill) has been the primary target of oppostion via the blogosphere thus far, close scrutiny reveals that HR 759 is even MORE dangerous to small farmers, but HR 875 is still very dangerous, although its apparently only a placeholder bill. The danger in it is that it removes Food from FDA purview putting it under a new Food Agency separate from FDA, while LEAVING dietary supplements AT FDA (as if they are drugs which is how FDA has always thought of them.
This could turn DSHEA on its head.
Dingell's bill, HR 759 is called the Food and Drug Administration Globalization Act of 2009 (Introduced in House)
Dingell has been our arch enemy for years.

Originally posted 3/11/09

I'm getting ready to start my garden up here at about 2700 feet above sea level. I'll be adding new soil to my raised beds and spading in some new peat moss in about another week when this cold snap has finally passed over.

It should be 50 degrees by now, but today it barely made 25. It has just been a weird weather year.

And I won't be gardening with out the handy dandy good green stuff from my buddies in Trenton aka wild west worms or Just Plain TerraCycle.

Don't forget to stock up yourself, you will be amazed at the results!

And I bet you'll never go back to that blue stuff.

On a related note, especially if you have a large property, you can grow specific plants that can be used for fertilizer and other plant and soil amendments. All the information is is my now 10+ year old book, "My Happy Garden". Order it with your $8.00 payment to Creating Health Institute via PayPal, which includes mail delivery in the US. Foreign orders, please contact us.
You can also consider this tip - Grow Your Own Salad

Also for your consideration is this information related to one very good reason for growing your own.
They tell us it is for our own good, that they are simply trying to help, that we should trust them to do what we cannot do for ourselves. They lead us to ask…

Will House Bill 875 federalize all farms and ranches in the USA?

This Saturday at 9am Pacific, Michael Olson’s Food Chain Radio hosts Pete Kennedy, Acting President of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, for a conversation about the impact HB 875 might have on the nation’s food chain.

Click the blue to listen on your radio, computer or IPOD: Food Chain Radio

Topics include how HB 875 would place every farm and ranch under the direct supervision of a new federal Food Safety Administration (FSA); how the FSA would have the power to access and inspect every farm in the United States, as well as the customer list of each of those farms; and whether the federalization of the entire food chain would make for a safer food supply.

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