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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Valuable Supplement

Recently I've been doing some product reviews as I may have mentioned in other posts. I set high standards years ago, even before I formed the organization that sponsors Natural Health News. I think it is an important concept to maintain as it has a lot to do with product integrity, which sadly to say, is not always prevalent today.

This particular product is something to keep in mind, and to keep in your medicine chest, only because it offers so many benefits. Keep in mind too that this element does not work alone.

For protection from radiation, to keep your immune health and metabolism in top shape and to offset the ravages of fluoride then consider this.

Iodine - A Review by "the leaflady"

W.H. Auden has said that "Likewise, a medicine that was once a noble craft has fallen into a blandly standardized one-size-fits-all format; a medicine that once considered and addressed the vagaries of each individual in its equations now only listens and responds to the standard average dialect of pooled data:
What our bodies are trying to say, for each one Talks in a local Dialect of its own that can alter during Its lifetime."

The necessity of Iodine for Health has been well established in both medicine and natural health care for numerous decades.

More recently, because of the impact of water fluoridation, increased exposure to heavy metal contamination, herbicides, pesticides and radioactive pollution, as well as low levels of selenium in soil where crops are grown, the need for iodine in the daily diet is crucial.

While the current US government limits on iodine intake (RDI) is extremely low, at 0.15 mg. or 150 mcg. daily, the best levels seem to be equal to the standard amount of iodine ingested by the Japanese at about 14 mg.; the best health range for iodine being between 13 - 38 mg.

Iodine serves many functions for health, and it is activated in the body by selenium. Because many crops are grown in areas where low selenium soils are prevalent, iodine supplementation is very useful.

Here at CHI we recently spent some time evaluation an product known as Nascent Iodine. Nascent Iodine is similar to the form of iodine used by Edgar Cayce and is noted in his readings.

Over several weeks I enlisted the cooperation of three people I know who can benefit from iodine supplementation. One is a young woman with Down Syndrome, the second is a woman with a history of goiter and migraine, and the third is a natural health professional colleague of mine.

The feedback received, as compared to the results from kelp supplementation by the first two users was very good. Both felt better energy levels and better digestion. One of the users had a slight gum infection which rapidly cleared up. None in the test made any note of odor or no burping following the use of Nascent Iodine.

Our natural health organization has for many years assisted people with iodine products. We now highly endorse the use of Nascent Iodine.

Because of the work of Guy Abraham MD, a new test is now available to your iodine status.

If you would like more information about the uses and benefits of iodine please contact us. We can also help you with obtaining Nascent Iodine and the Iodine test.

Because March is Women's Health Month, the following information about iodine for health is important: In 1976, JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) reported that if women experience Iodine deficiency and are prescribed T4 thyroid medication (Synthroid & Levoxyl), T4 medication further increases their risk for Breast Cancer.

Nascent Iodine, containing the full complement of iodine substrates, may be helpful to those using this medication.

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