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Thursday, March 19, 2009

herbalYODA Joins Expert Panel

The Founder and Director of CHI (Creating Health Institute) and The Oake Centre for natural health education joins an expert panel at a national organization. This group will help inform the public about key issues facing the growing natural products field. The principal purpose of this project is to make industry professionals available to journalists who are seeking expert opinions.

Dr. Gayle Eversole is a long time natural health advocate and educator. Growing up in a medical family she developed her interest in natural health care at age 12, and was weaned in the 1950s on Organic Gardening and Prevention magazines.

Since that time Gayle has completed education in psychology (1963), traditional naturopathy (1968), nursing and whole systems design (1969, 74, 75, 77), Oriental Medicine (1972), Mediation and Arbitration (1982, 83) western herbalism (master herbalist - 1985), Ethics and counseling (1991), therapeutic aromatherapy (1998), Ayurveda (2000), homeopathy and flower essence therapy (2002).

In addition Gayle is a Reiki master and teacher, deeply involved in the study and use of American indigenous herbalism, and a certified Voice BioAnalysis practitioner. She holds many other professional certifications.

Eversole's organization is a 501c3 tax exempt organization which has provided community and college based education; corporate wellness programs; consultation to health care professionals and the supplement industry; to business, organizations, and elected officials (municipal, state and federal); established three community based natural health libraries, and a veteran's resource program. And she develops and manufactures targeted nutritional and herbal supplements.

Gayle is a highly respected educator, speaker, author and writer who is often sought by the media and natural health venues for interviews and her expertise.

She has been associated with Keep Hope Alive, PFPC, the American Herbalist's Guild (AHG), Safe Harbor Project, The Flower Essence Society, Idaho Coalition for Natural Health and works closely with The Silver Valley Community Resource Center (

Eversole's organization is based in the Pacific NW, yet the programs and services reach around the world.

Currently she working on natural product production of her unique xtreme sports supplement - ADVENTURX - several other supplements and herbal remedies. Gayle publishes a BLOG, Natural Health News (2004), and two web sites: (1991) and (2006). She has published numerous books and articles as well as her Healthy Handouts series and contributed to numerous books and articles on natural health. Her column, Health Matters, has been featured in mainstream media since 1991, and she has written Natural Notes on Health since 2002. Eversole also publishes two subscription newsletters, herbalYODA Says! and the Diabetes E-list.

Gayle is the proud parent of two daughters and wishes to acknowledge her Choctaw heritage and deep connection with indigenous communities everywhere.

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Congratulations and thank you!

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