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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Make a Note of This - MAY 2009

The Mayor of Broward County (Fort Lauderdale and area), Florida, The Honorable Stacy Ritter has proclaimed May 2009 as ELECTROMAGNETIC SENSITIVITY AWARENESS MONTH.

EHS is a serious and growing illness that most politicians and doctors in North America are not willing to even talk about. Thanks to the brave and sensible stance of Mayor Ritter and her council, EHS will now get the recognition that it deserves.

What is Electrohypersensitivity

from Martin Weatherall


Anonymous said...

Thank you, I swell at anything over 1.5 on a gauss meter...yes very low. I almost died and have now slept where there is very little hydro for two years. I am greatly better!

Aaron said...

I have felt I was alone in my observations about the effects of EMF on me.I worked as a freelance artist and have four computers that are running constantly, this combined with living in an apartment with substandard wiring, and having my office placed in a room with two walls that are masonry brick and the breaker box behind me, and incandescent bulbs above me. My bedroom is directly above the breaker box and have had un-restful sleep,flu symptoms and allergies,having never had allergies before.It has gotten to the point that I'm ,"bouncing back" the magnetic fields.I have linked this to my heart rate.EX. I used a digitizer tablet to draw but had to stop because my hands would move the cursor and discolor the screen.I have also seen my computer show up multiple times on the network,which is impossible to fake.I was installing a ceiling fan,I was told the breaker had been flipped,while handling the wires bare-handed it only felt like checking for a pulse.Assuming this to be leakage current,when I touched the screwdriver to the wire it blew the tip off.The only affect that was noticed from my contact was that my anxiety increased.This is a matter of concern and think that the mass diagnosis of ADD/ADHD may be linked to EHS. What can I do outside of wearing a HAZ-MAT suit coating myself with latex?

herbalYODA said...

Many options are available but begin by getting your Magnesium level checked and add this supplement to your daily routine. Vitamin B 12 is also helpful to many. Try to move your bed away from any outlets and the breaker box. You can get a qlink here

Aaron said...

Thank you herbalYoda, cool handle btw

This is a site that I found that has some helpful suggestions. I hope this doesn't offend by referring to another site. I make this reference as " an addition to, not instead of" the help found here.

herbalYODA said...

Here is another resource

I was given this "handle" in 1993 by a friend