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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Natural Health Education Series On-Line

This morning marked the start of our natural health series, herbalYODA Says! LIVE, on BlogTalkRadio.

Some of our BLOG readers and newsletter subscribers may recall the many popular programs I did with Butch Chancellor on 'These Orwellian Times' that aired on Republic Broadcasting Network.

This new series is dedicated to Butch.

I'm keeping the programs to 15 minutes for now, just because I am aware of how limited time seems to be for most people.

This is a call-in format so if you're listening to the next live program, Sunday April 12, call in with your questions, or submit them before the show and I'll answer during the program. Program topic ideas are welcome. I really do like to hear from listeners, and BLOG readers too. Your input helps me do a better job.

Listen to this morning's program.

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