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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oprah and Oz: Maybe their answers are missing something

I happened to notice a link to the Oprah show bulletin broad and their Q & A for Dr Oz having to do with vitamin D, Fosamax, cell phones and irregular heart beat.

What stuck me is that one of the queries posted was by a woman who had been told by her doctor that her vitamin D level at 38.4 was good.

Hopefully her doctor tested for 25 OH or Vitamin D3.  If you'd like to know the range for results, please see this excerpt from my recent issue of herbalYODA Says! - If you're not a subscriber, request a copy with your donation to CHI (
" The base level for vitamin D for both adults and children is 50 nanograms/mL If your level is below 50 then you will use it as fast as it is made, and you may be at risk for deficiency. This is more of a concern for people of color, those who do not go in the sun, those who are confined or live in climates where it is darker in winter, and those who wear clothing that covers the entire body.

Blood serum levels above 80 ng/mL allow for reserve storage. Levels above 200 ng/mL are thought to be toxic. The optimal range at all times is between 50 and 80ng/mL for adults and children."
Often you find that today's doctors are remiss in their ability to interpret lab results according to the most current research. Old levels for Vitamin D are 30, and even our own misguided FDA is considering raising the daily intake to 1000 mg.

This lack is virtually universal for thyroid testing, especially made worse because of the failure to order the correct tests.

Irregular heart beat associated with Fosamax may be related to the fluoride content of the drug which has a negative effect on thyroid function.  Thyroid dysfunction is often a symptom of excessive exposure to fluoride, because fluoride displaces iodine which is a key nutrient for a healthy thyroid. Iodine is also displaced by chlorine and bromine (halogens).

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) created by cell phones do now show that there is a alteration of thyroid function.  This can be linked to irregular heart beat either from EMF (especially when exposed to WIFI) or thyroid dysfunction. This also has implications for an increased risk of breast cancer.

You can order both the vitamin D test and thyroid panel, or other tests, from CHI.  And many states allow you to order your own.  We also provide a service that includes interpretation of what lab results mean for your health.

NB: Our upcoming herbalYODA Says! program on BTR for April will be about thyroid.

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