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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Psychiatric Drug Search Engine

In a related article published 15 June 2010, these drugs are again reported to have severe physical difficulties as well as the violent attributes they promote
Psychiatric drugs carry serious physical health risks

And another of the 30+ plus posts from Natural Health News says - This is a critical resource if you or anyone you know is being prescribed any of the psychiatric drugs for any cause.  I emphasize "any cause" because these drugs are glad-handed for just about any reason in the current mainstream health arena.
New Psychiatric Drug Search Engine—310 International Drug Regulatory Warnings & Studies & 194,000 Adverse psychiatric drug reaction reports

Studies Reveal Violent Side Effects of Psychiatric Drugs
Sep 20, 2006

It is becoming more and more apparent that psychiatric drugs drive people to not only perform violent acts on others, but also to take their own lives as well. A recent article written by Steve Mitchell, United Press International's ...


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