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Sunday, March 28, 2010

New from Tanka Bar

Just in time for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
Order Tanka Bar, Tanka Bites, Tanka Dogs and Tanka Wild from our link in the right hand column.
Tanka Wild Sticks
Tanka Wild, which comes in two great flavors, Traditional and Spicy Pepper Blend, combines the goodness of prairie-raised Buffalo and tart-sweet Cranberries with 100% Indian-grown and harvested Minnesota cultivated Wild Rice. This unconventional combination of meat, fruit and wild rice makes the smoky-sweet Tanka Wild Traditional a little crunchy with a slightly nutty flavor. The Tanka Wild Spicy Pepper Blend adds habanero and jalapeno, giving these savory treats a real kick.

Tanka Wild Gourmet Summer Sausage

In addition to our great Sticks, Tanka Wild is also available as a Gourmet Summer Sausage. Tender and savory, this perfectly seasoned sausage features the same delicious combination of Buffalo, Cranberries and Wild Rice. Available in Traditional flavor only.

The Tanka Wild Rice

Our Wild Rice is non-GMO, and contains no artificial flavors or colors. Wild Rice is a whole grain that is high in fiber, antioxidants and phosphorus. Whole grains also help to fight off cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Ancient recipe delivers endurance

We're convinced our Ancestors knew what they were doing when they combined Buffalo and fruit, such as cranberries and chokecherries. In times when Native Americans sustained themselves with wasna -- which some call pemmican -- and other traditional foods, heart disease, diabetes, or obesity were virtually unknown. Tanka products honor their wisdom. Named for the Lakota word for "outstanding" or "great," Tanka products offer powerful protein for your life journey.

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