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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Himalayan Salt FAD May Be a Health Risk

Why Celtic Salt is the salt of choice -

The above graphic posted 6/22/11, from  High moisture content is another important factor.

Read more here and here, as well as checking out our other articles on pink salt problems from Natural Health News.

UPDATE: 4/2010 -  As volcanic ash spews from Iceland's erupting volcano a new news report from the UK looks at fluoride poisoning and its effect on livestock.  Farmer's are indeed worried because they know that the natural minerals holding fluoride in the rocks and ash spewing from the volcano contain fluoride, and they know fluoride is a cumulative poison.
The Himalayan salt hucksters offer up the fact that the fluoride in this salt, regardless of the amount won't hurt you because it is a "natural" form.
On this very point they are incorrect, and this salt, with its fluoride and other toxic heavy metals, even though they argue this issue of ocean toxicity, is much more harmful than naturally farmed sea salt.
The fluoride in volcanic ash is the type defended as safe by the hawkers of Himalayan salt.

Volcano ash is full of elements & nutrients but it depends on the chemical make-up of the ash when it falls on the ground.
If it has high levels of fluorine it can be poisonous to humans & plants. Fluorine (fluoride) from volcanoes has killed livestock in the past.
UPDATE: 3/2010 -
I believe in salt therapies for health, using natural salt caves (found in Europe), the Hungarian salt pipes, salt cleansing and balneotherapy treatments, and generally, natural salt for health.

Salt is also something that is necessary for maintaining good blood pressure and adrenal health. This is NOT the kind of salt in convenience and processed food or salt in grocery store boxed containers.

A decade or so ago I was selling a traditional salt collected by many of the Plains tribes during salt and trading journeys away from their usual and accustomed areas. I am in the process of bringing this salt back for my clients and others because of the mineral content and safety.

I recently reviewed the mineral content of Pink Himalayan salt sold by several natural products companies and wholesale suppliers. I became alarmed when I saw the fluoride content at whopping 192 mg.

Relying on my long-standing relationship with PFPC as a medical advisory board member, I have information that supports my belief that that the recent push for Himalayan salt by Mercola and Swanson's and other should be avoided.

Contact us to order our traditional salt for health.

FROM PFPC, the premiere fluoride information site.
Over the last few years a new scam has emerged in Europe which is rapidly spreading across the world.

It involves ordinary rock salt from the “salt range” in Pakistan being marketed as luxurious and healing “Himalaya Salt”.

It is also sold as “Himalayan Crystal Salt”, “Hunza-Kristallsalz” or natural “Kristallsalz”, “VitaSal”, “AromaLife”, etc..

The scam is currently being introduced in India and the United States.

It will result in very high overall fluoride intake in anyone who follows the various “therapy recommendations”.

What happened?

During the late 1990s recordings started to appear in Germany, featuring a monologue by a self-proclaimed “biophysicist” named Peter Ferreira.

The monologue centered around the “marvelous healing energies” of “Himalaya Salt” (Himalaya Salz) and “living waters” (Lebendiges Wasser) -> mineral or springwaters (“Quellwasser”).

This special salt was allegedly coming from the high mountain regions of the Himalayas, “untouched by human contamination”, containing “84 elements essential to human health”. The tape was copied and passed on by thousands.

The salt was sold at a price much higher than ordinary salt, up to 200 times as much. It was common to see it being sold for 24 Euros per kilogram.

Lectures were organized and a video called “Water & Salt” (“Wasser & Salz”) was shown to packed houses (Zeit & Geist, 2002). A book with the title “Water & Salt - Essence of Life” by Peter Ferreira and Dr. med. Barbara Hendel became a runaway bestseller in 2002 - simply by word of mouth, even spawning a glossy magazine with the same title. [The book is currently being translated into English and slated for release in the US.]

Within months “Himalaya Salt” became all the rage in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, quickly spreading to Denmark, Holland and other European countries.

The European alternative health industry was quick to jump on the bandwagon and an article on “Himalaya Salt” praising its superior qualities to conventional salt became the most-read article on the German site of “Alternative Health” (“Alternative Gesundheit).

“Himalaya Salt” sales are consistently in the Top 10 of “alternative health products”.

Originally marketed on the Internet, there are now countless varieties of products containing “Himalaya Salt” available, including herbal salts, bath salts, facial masks, cosmetic lines, as well as salt lamps and tealights.

Many international websites can now be found praising and selling this “Elixir of Live”, “Fountain of Youth”, or “salt of life”.

The salt comes as fine salt to be used for cooking, or as salt crystals or blocks of salt, to be used for daily “sole” drinks and baths, oral rinses, eye baths, and inhalation therapy.

In addition, the salt is marketed extensively for other uses, and there are now tealights or “salt lamps” (used as natural “ionizers”), a complete cosmetic line including soaps, facial sprays, body lotions, “peeling” lotions, hand creams, steam bath aids, sauna aids, bath salts with rose petals, and shower gels.

Fluoride & Iodine

Ironically, “Water & Salt” proclaimed that iodine and fluoride are “highly toxic” and should never be added to cooking salt (August 4, 2002). This statement immediately seemed odd to a sceptic, as both “toxins”, fluoride and iodine, were also listed among the salt’s “84 natural elements essential for the body”. LINK

The fluoride/iodine issue nevertheless became a cornerstone in the promotional campaign. Valuable books on the un-wanted effects of fluoride (Ziegelbecker) and iodine supplementation (Braunschweig-Pauli) were found in the on-line bookstore of “Wasser & Salz”.

However, W&S failed to inform the public that this very same “Himalaya Salt” may easily possess more fluoride than conventional, artificially fluoridated salt.

Numerous analyses which had been posted on the web by AromaLife AG itself (Switzerland’s biggest distributor of “Himalaya Salt”) - to show that it complied with CODEX regulations - showed this clearly. Click here.

Fluoride in Mineral Water

In addition, the “Water & Salt” people also started to recommend mineral waters which qualified as “living waters”, and handed out “Seals of Quality”.

One such water, Artesia received this recommendation, although containing 1.02 ppm of fluoride - a fact which is aggressively marketed by the company which firmly believes in the proclaimed “fluoride benefits”.

Origin of “Himalaya Salt”

It is claimed that the “magic salt” is coming from the Karakorum (Ferreira, 2002). However, as pointed out by the group TourismWatch (No.28 and No.30) there is no salt mine to be found anywhere in this Himalayan region. Most of the salt was coming from the second largest salt mine in the world, in Pakistan.

After the boom began, it was found that even ordinary road salt was being sold as “Himalaya Salt” by ruthless opportunists.

Public Health Response

The responses by the Public Health Departments in Switzerland and Germany have been on the verge of the comical.

The Swiss “Fluor-und Jodkommission” warned the public against the scam and issued statements of concern about the influx of imported specialty salts such as “Himalaya Salt”.

In 2001, the SEV warned that under no circumstances could this salt “without fluoride and iodine” ever substitute for the Swiss salt.

At no point did it apparently occur to the health agencies to conduct their own analyses on the product!



Not only is “Himalaya Salt” marketed as the best alternative to conventional cooking salt - and to be used in all cooking and baking as well as table use - it is also to be sprinkled onto already prepared foods.

New varieties of herbal salts are also now available.

Every morning a teaspoon - sometimes more - of a 26% “sole” solution is added to a glass of mineral water and routinely drunk by millions.

Topical Applications

Salt - Baths

As one of the “best applications” people are advised to bath with this salt once a week, or with “moon baths” during new and full moons. 1 to 1.5 kg is added to 80 - 100 liters of water. Temperature is to be between 35 and 37 degrees celsius for a length of a minumum of 15 to 20 minutes (up to 2 - 3 hours!). At 1 kg in 100 liters, and at a fluoride content of 300 ppm, this is the same as bathing in water fluoridated at 3 ppm.

Not much different than the fluoridated baths which were used with great success by Gorlitzer von Mundy in the treatment of iodine-induced hyperthyroidism (Jod Basedow) for over 30 years!

In addition, people are advised to bath their feet in a 10% salt/water solution, which results bathing the feet in water with a fluoride content of 30 ppm.

Personal Care Products

Daily topical fluoride intake is assured by use of the cosmetic line which includes soaps, facial sprays, body lotions, hand creams, shampoos, steam bath aids, sauna aids, bath salts with rose petals, and shower gels. Complete cosmetic lines are now offered by Aromalife, as well as “Wasser und Salz”.


People with asthma and like-conditions are advised by “health trainers” to add a little “Himalaya Salt” (10%!) to hot water and to inhale this concoction for 10 to 15 minutes with a covered head, three times a day.

Oral Health

People are advised to use this salt for toothbrushing.

One will get “white teeth” and the “dental enamel gets dissolved”, it is claimed...!

Of course it is also advised to rinse the mouth with the same sole which is drunk in the morning.

One is reminded of the incredible feat by Mr. “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” Dr. Wallach and associated independent distributors who have managed to con people into believing that the “All Natural Tooth Gel” is a “safe natural alternative to fluoride toothpaste”, although the actual label on the toothpaste specifies sodium fluoride as ingredient!

Rainer Neuhaus
PFPC Germany


Anonymous said...

Your article is full of misconceptions and misinformation. I'll ask the owner of the company that distributes the REAL Himalayan Crystal Salt to contact you.

Todd Caldecott said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

you don't provide any reference range for fluoride content -saying it contains 192 mg is meaningless... 192 mg fluoride per ton? what exactly??

himalayan pink salt or saindhava is lauded in ayurveda, but very few marketers know anything of ayurveda, nor the specific and rather mundane properties of this product

Anonymous said...

Not all fluorides are the same. Sea salt has naturally occurring Calcium Fluoride, which is what was used in original dental tests showing it helped teeth. They then substituted toxic Sodium Fluoride -- a byproduct from aluminum and fertilizer industries. The two are NOT the same.

From Wikipedia: "Fluorides are toxic to humans, however CaF2 is considered relatively harmless due to its extreme insolubility."

Anonymous said...

Please read this article about fluoride in Himalayan Crystal Salt:

(I broke the URL above into two parts as otherwise it wouldn't show the whole thing.)

This newsletter article should put this to rest.

HCS is very healthy for people. We are made up of mostly salt water (sea water).

Also, be aware that there are many Himalayan Crystal Salt knock-off companies trying to ride on the popularity of the proven benefits of Original HCS, which is distributed only by American BlueGreen, LLC, and which is the salt featured in the book "Water and Salt" that you refer to.

Anonymous said...

Article stated:

"People with asthma and like-conditions are advised by “health trainers” to add a little “Himalaya Salt” (10%!) to hot water and to inhale this concoction for 10 to 15 minutes with a covered head, three times a day."

Actually, it's a 1% solution that's recommended (same concentration as our tears)... NOT 10%! See the article linked to by previous comment.

How can anyone believe what you post on your blog when you post so much misinformation as if it's fact?!

Anonymous said...

Why don't all of you check out the source posted?

This article is heavily referenced, as I'm sure you'll notice.

Get a grip!

Anonymous said...

What a surprise... another 'miracle' product turns out to be trash ;-)

and I love how the other comments are all from folks worried about their massive profit margins disappearing :)

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? That article is so POORLY referenced as to be considered a FRAUD or even a "hit piece" by the medical establishment, if I didn't know better. I think it's really just plain ignorance, actually.

Where does the article make reference to the different kinds of fluoride? It DOESN'T. So, it's very poorly referenced.

Where does it discriminate between the many fake "Himalayan Salts" from the original HCS which was the only one tested to have over 84 ionic minerals and trace elements versus the one with 25 minerals that is referenced?

That is clearly CRAP SALT they analyzed. It doesn't get clearer than that.

And, it's good to discriminate to make sure one isn't eating crap salt, as the article is correct in observing there are a lot of salts claiming to be Himalayan that are inferior. But, to say that ALL are inferior, is simply incorrect. The one that started it all and that was researched by Peter Ferreira is safe and healthy and has no add *sodium* fluoride, which is harmful. Only naturally occurring *calcium* fluoride which, if you read Wikipedia, is "considered relatively harmless due to its extreme insolubility."

To lump the original Himalayan Crystal Salt (which everyone is trying to claim is "theirs") into the same category as other "Himalayan Salt" (aka CRAP rock salt), is like comparing a Ferrari to a Volkswagen. There's no comparison.

This article is so POORLY referenced, with a lot of inaccurate information. Referring to it as a legitimate piece of research, to me, really draws into question the intelligence of those referring to it as a balanced, accurate and well-reasoned piece of research. It's not. It is ignorant at best, slanderous at worst. This is how legitimately GOOD health products get banned or controlled by the FDA. Unless you like throwing your health choices out the window, I suggest you DISCRIMINATE a little better and stop jumping on bandwagons as they pass you by.

I'm very health-conscious and I don't use fluoride toothpaste, but I will definitely continue to use my *Original* Himalayan Crystal Salt from the one company that started it all and whose product has yet to be matched by anyone, including "Celtic" sea salt:

It would appear that whoever said this, "and I love how the other comments are all from folks worried about their massive profit margins disappearing :)" would love to think I'm somehow profiting off HCS for posting this information, but I'm just a very satisfied user of their products and I've done my homework. You have not. Learn the difference in the fluorides. Learn the difference between the types of so-called "Himalayan Salt", and discriminate to separate the fact from the fiction, which that article clearly represents.

I can excuse ignorance, but not stupidity, which is what it becomes when one is exposed to the facts, yet then chooses to ignore them.

Anonymous said...

This article is somewhat misleading. I do not doubt that some companies have jumped on the himalayan salt fad and consequently mislead consumers into buying something that was not authentic, however, I do not see any reference to the statement that "the fluoride content (is) at whopping 192 mg." in this "heavely referenced" piece. I requested a chemical analysis for my company from a distributer in France a while back. The sample analysed contained approx. 0.6mg/kg of florine. The American Dental Association's adequate daily intake of flouride for an adult male(average 76kg or 166lb) is 4mg/day. Let us assumne that only half this amount is safe, as only half of flouride consumed is retained in the human body while the rest is expelled. This means that if a person receieves 2mg of only himalayan salt for their daily intake of flouride, they'd have to consume approx. 2.5 kg of A DAY. PFPC is an acronym for Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children and not a medical advisory board. They're mandate is to properly assess the toxicity of fluoride.

Anonymous said...

Some of these posts on here defending this salt are hilarious!

To the person who wrote about 10% versus 1% solution:

The article cites a reference in support of this statement, and it is correct. The citation states, in German:

"Bei chronischen u. spezifischen Erkrankungen der oberen und unteren Luftwege (Asthma, Bronchitis), bei akuten chronischen Nebenhöhlen- und Ohrenerkrankungen. Etwas Salz (ca. 10 %) direkt ins heiße Wasser geben und mit bedecktem Kopf 10 – 15 Min. inhalieren."

Verify before you state nonsense!

To the person who complained about "different fluorides":

Do you actually understand anything about fluoride? Do you know what happens when calcium fluoride enters the acidic environment of the stomach?

I suggest you do some research before writing such nonsense as in your lengthy post. And since when is arsenic, lead, cadmium, aluminum, fluoride etc. actually NEEDED by the body?? All listed among these 84 essential elements in this salt.

Good grief!

Anonymous said...

Your sources are in GERMAN?

Oh, come on! How ridiculous!

You post an article written in ENGLISH then many of the "sources" you reference are links to sites written in GERMAN?

I don't get how that makes good common sense.

Anonymous said...

I have the U.S. version of the book "Water & Salt" which gives specific chemical analysis of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt. The authors also warn of purchasing "knock-off" salt and are specific about what to look for when shopping for OHCS. The only "mineral" water they recommend is Fiji water. This article abounds with misinformation. People should be more careful when speaking negatively of things they obviously have not researched thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more Herbalgirl.

These folks are very one-sided in the information they present.

The "references" they provide via hyperlinks in their article are just awful: "German" sites for an English article, broken links galore, links to knock-off salt sites. Do people really take this as research? Wow.

I don't know what kind of discriminating person could ever find such information worth reading, much less worth believing. I'm amazed that Jeff Rense would even link to this drivel.

Did you read the recent double-blind study that now allows OHCS to make health claims with FDA approval? It's the first time a sea salt ever went through a double-blind study. Great results versus regular sea salt.

I say let the facts speak for themselves.

These folks don't like facts, though, I don't think. They seem to like to make people afraid of salt. They are the sea salt "boogeymen."

Anonymous said...

A new analysis confirms the findings in the "Water & Salt" book that Original Himalayan Crystal Salt (the salt featured in the book) has < 0.1g/kg.

The latest lab analysis for fluoride (specifically) in OHCS reveals the fluoride level as ND (None Detected) at or above the Practical Quantitation Limits.

This is a 100% vindication from "witch hunters'" claims that Original Himalayan Crystal Salt has high levels of fluoride.

If it has *any* it is in levels that are non-detectable and safe.

This analysis, however, does NOT represent the contents of *any other* so-called "Himalaya Salt." This study only covers the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt sold at and

It does not cover any other salt. There are many knock-offs using the name "Himalaya," "Himalayan," "Crystal Salt," etc that have nothing to do with the original.

Many of these knock-off salts do appear to contain high levels of fluoride.

Anonymous said...

This whole OHCS fraud was covered in the German media extensively, both in print and on TV...if fools in the US want to buy into this, all the power to them! Peter Ferreira's credentials could never be verified...his research center did not exist, neither did the salt mine he claimed to be the origin of his OHCS.

'Nuff said.

To the person who posted something about a double-blind study:

Care to tell us what the study is called and where it was published?

Anonymous said...

Stupid is as Stupid does...Yes, I have ready your mentioned book. It seems that you do not know much of anything. A kidney specialist is afraid of the Himalayan Salt because it works! He said that he would be out of work and he would not be able to support his lifestyle. Numerous studies have been posted and cited in various medical journals worldwide supporting the helth benefits of Himalayan Salt. Check them out for yourself! Do your homework, before you reveal your ignorance!

Anonymous said...

I have been buying from a company in New Jersey, they also have a location in california and florida. They are a big company and sell the himalayan salt as Black Tai Bath Salt. I have never had a problem with their service or their products. I dont "eat" the salt, but i find that it soothes the skin when i use it as a bath salt and body scrub! Cant go wrong with Black Tai Salt Company bath salts...

Unknown said...

A holistic therapy provides a complementary alternative healing method to standard medicine. Holistic natural health education and health care includes alternative natural health remedies, like herbal healing, and an abundance of health and wellness products and services.

Jan said...

Hi I live in the uk and I feel my bubbles just been burst... so can I trust this company
and how do I know they are from a reliable source..

Anonymous said...

Peter Ferreira aka Peter Druf was proven to be a fake Dr of Biophysical Research, in fact he spun his own PR machine for selling the salt over his many companies. Hi co-author and girlfriend at the time "water & salt" now distance herself from him.

He is not available for any interviews and believed to hide in the fijis.

I was a long believer in the water & salt therapy. The salt comes from Poland and Pakistan. Nothing more to add.


Anonymous said...

I know the truth and I know that what is natural is better than what is processed. You can try to confused the unlearned. If people remain sick/kill your lifestyle will continue living the finer life. When Jesus healed people, they were completely healed. What is wrong with the picture today? I will tell you, we have greed being greedy off the unlearned.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! This post must really hit the mark, because it looks like someone (posting as lots of different "anonymous" posts) is really trying to make it look bad... real people just don't have this strong reactions to some voicing misgivings about a new product... most of these comments are obviously fabricated by the Himalayan Crystal Salt marketing people... very sad!

Anonymous said...

There's no need to look for scientific analysis of this salt to be skeptical of it's virtues. Here are some claims from the description of this salt I have open right now (not in English): salt's energetic vibrations correspond to the energetic vibrations in human cells; each of the particles of the salt includes solar energy in the form of biophotons, salt includes 84 chemical elements that correspond to 84 elements in our blood. And so on… Find me a physicist or chemist who would sign under these claims…. And other descriptions I have found look very similar. People, who believe crap like this simply behave irrationally. It is astounding how we, being so unaware and skeptical of science in general, are so easily persuaded by a couple of scientifically sounding claims. It‘s just sad, simple as that.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

For many that do not understand fluoride, please refer to

Unknown said...

I have a question,,,I do know that Himalayan salt is actually mined from Pakistan, and some other places, but how can Himalayan salt be also called Himalayan Sea Salt? where is the sea bed in the Himalayas? even the mine (the 2nd biggest salt mine in the world) is far from any sea what is this sea salt bit? another marketing tool?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the majority of the comments here... the article is hardly referenced.

It is the responsibility of the author to provide references and links to the facts they state to be true, otherwise, clearly list opinion as an opinion.

Ultimately, everyone should do always verify facts along common sense as the world wide web is full of conflicting information. I can tell you by personal experience that sole (salt and water) has worked wonders for me. Not only have I slimmed down a bit, but I have lost my cravings for chocolate as my need for minerals are being fulfilled.

Again, everyone needs to do their own research, talk to a health provider, probably better holistic as doctors are more inclined to medicated solutions than natural.

Anonymous said...


Calcium fluoride still represents danger to the human body.. although it could be considered healthy when compared to it's counterpart Sodium fluoride.. which is not naturally occurring and is distributed in the water supply of most cities in America and estimated to be about 65 times more toxic than calcium fluoride. If you live in America and are not concerned about your tap water as well the huge amounts of Chlorine and Fluoride absorbed from your daily shower.. this is of little concern!

Anonymous said...

I am blogging on my site about Himalayan salt candle holders and found this link in my research, the comments in the blog are rather interesting. The color of the salt is caused by the impurities so I would recommend knowing what the impurities are first.

Scented Soy Candles

herbalYODA said...

Dead Sea Salt commented
"The benefits of using Himalayan salts (both as bath salts and as table salt) are far-reaching and have been enjoyed by people around the world. :)"

But remember, even if lots of people use something does not make it safe or free from hazards.

Celtic salt is safer and healthier for food use because it has at least 13% less sodium an no risk of extremely high levels of fluoride and other heavy metals as does the H salt.

Anonymous said...

I have been using Himalayan salts for years and love the great taste and high mineral count.

I really don't agree that the Himalayan Crystal Salt brand is any a better quality than any other salt extracted from the same mine in Pakistan.

From what I have heard, most of the Himalayan salt comes from the Kwerta mine in Pakistan. I also own salt lamps and I'm not 100% sure of the health benifits, we seem to think the air is better and the lamps look great in my house.

We are very happy with the Himalayan salt and lamps....

Unknown said...

Just remember that the Himalayan salt is very high in fluoride (a cumulative poison), other toxic heavy metals not necessary fro health and also 17% higher in sodium than natural farmed Celtic salt.

Darrin said...

This article and half the comments here are so misinformed it really is beyond ludicrous. Himalayan salt IS sea salt, but it comes from the sea as it existed 250 million years ago. ANY sea salt sold today is either processed into oblivion or polluted with countless substances...this goes for Dead Sea, Celtic, and any other salt on the market. Himalayan salt is pure, with an inherent natural molecular matrix which the human body can process with ease.

The argument of flouride is sheer ignorance, as the absorption of flouride is dependent on the the substance it is bonded to. Sodium flouride, calcium flouride, potassium flouride, etc are all different animals, so to speak. The few references provided are garbage and misinformation, seriously.

Himalayan salt is REAL natural salt, it is natural. It benefits the body rather than burdening it. Nothing can disprove this, it is a natural fact. No other salt compares in benefit and purity. Skeptics are uninformed, misinformed, are just hopping on the bandwagon of ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Not all Himalayan Salts are the same. There were many copycat sellers using generic salts and trying to pass them off as real HCS salts.

Many reputable sellers or manufacturers will often have the analysis certificate available to read whether upon request or on their websites (this goes for many supplement manufacturers).

I have used this salt for years - the original one of course. Though I feel the benefits have definitely helped with my fatigue etc, I prefer not to overdo it too much with the sodium content - I love the Hyland and Schuessler tissue salts, so I take them aswell.

Unknown said...

Cell Salts are not at all the same or alike Himalayan salt.

And just remember that the sodium level in Celtic salt is 17% less than what is in the pink salt.

Move4less said...

I don't have any words to appreciate this post.....I am really impressed ....the person who created this post surely knew the subject well..thanks for sharing this with us.

Süp127 said...

So, you don't mention that the naturally occurring forms are assimilated by the body incrementally when found with their molecularly similar counterparts, which are geologically created and have been naturally occurring throughout the evolution of all organisms on this planet. This is the crucial difference, that the mineral compounds are not found in isolation, and are instead found among a variety of other minerals, in amounts that are naturally occurring and desired by your body's biological nutrient assimilation processes.

Unknown said...

Sup127, you clearly do not understand that for fluoride it is NOT the form. it is the DOSE.
Only extrmemely minute amounts of fluoride are needed in the body. This HS is well over the toxic limit.

Kim Wilde said...

Darrin, Most people's understanding of the body is limited at best.

Most believe what someone or something pushes on them.

My bodies ability to use one salt or another depends greatly upon my own unique processing center.

My clue to your misunderstanding of a product is to claim that it esisted "250 MILLION YEARS AGO"!

That one claim is enough to make me believe that you've bought into someone else's ideology.

To anyone else who would use anything that the FDA tells me is scary at best and lets me know that you'd all buy snake oil if packaged right.

Believe me I've purchased enough of it myself in trying to find what works for my body. Nothing that you do will give you one more day past your due date.

One of the few luxuries in life that you can really control is what you put in your month.

The old maxim "You are what you eat" still applies here.

What good is life if you don't enjoy every bite

maria eugenia said...

I am a doctor, the problem is that these products:
1I is a laboratory you can trust (with publication of the standard deviation of errors) and all natural products that change the dosage of the elements that contain, for example in the same rock we find a gram, with 0.6 to 0.9 and another with fluoride ..
2. Germany and the rest of the European community has recommended a lower limit of fluoride because the consumption of contemporary products with a high concentration began to be serious poisoning.
3. man is not a plant that needs fertilizer, with a reglar power is able to have all the food they need, eat organic, a little meat controlled physical activity.
4. I do not understand how the Salvationists promote the rupture of an ecosystem as important as the Himalayas.

MonaVie said...

Interesting post. I guess with anything we use, moderation is always important. Anything that is too much or too little could do more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

I am 67 years old and have been taking just a pinch of this salt in each glass of water that I drink (usually 2-3 pint glasses a day). I've been doing this for about a year. I went for my annual health check-up yesterday and my GP informed me that my kidneys are now functioning at 97% whereas last year they were only functioning at 66%.

There is a comment above that states how a kidney specialist is afraid of Himalayan salt because 'it works' and he would be out of a job if everyone started taking it. I had wondered how my kidney function could have improved because it has always been my understanding that organs deteriorate with age and now I know differently. The proof is in the pudding! ;o)

As a matter of interest, I purchased my salt from a 'suspect' UK supplier so I can only comment that I feel this salt is as good as the rest.

Unknown said...

Good to know you had improvement. This is something you can read about in our "salt cleanse". I do suggest though that the salt you use is very high in sodium in comparison with Celtic salt. Many doctors recommend Celtic salt for health by the way.

lover of science and faith said...

I am Heath. A collage level Chemistry student. Both arguments have valid points. Himalayan pink salt does contain some toxic chemicals. It is true that there is a difference between chemicals when bonded. however, many people forget to look at the most important factor, concentration. Let me give a common example. Floride toothpaste (which was mentioned earlier) when someone rinses the toothpaste out of their mouth, they have leftover residue of floride still in their mouth. the body can "flush out" these chemicals in small enough concentration that it won't harm the body. Going to the spectral analysis that is a proven scientific test. the toxic chemicals are in PPM or parts per million. a concentration so low that the body absorbs only what it needs from it and disposes of everything else. It does contain numerous (I didn't want to count) chemicals that our bodies need. Now, can we get along and not attack each other?

Unknown said...

Salt News is a commercial publication from a company that sells salt including Himalayan pink salt. I do not see that they offered more than one analysis.
You also did not refer to the fact that regardless of amount (i.e., PPM) fluoride is cumulative to that it stays in the body, regardless of form.
The other consideration is the sodium content. It is factually substantially higher in this salt than compared with Celtic salt. Sodium and fluoride do cause damage to the body even though we may need some. In the case of fluoride the need is infinitesimal.
I'm not arguing, just providing food for thought.

lover of science and faith said...

Thank You herbalYoda for your comment. I appreciate it.
I had forgotten to mention in my previous statement that when chemicals are are measured in % or ppm they do it by weight and not the % of the actual chemical. This in chemistry is called percent by mass. (there are other measurement types which do not include %) A simple example is having a 100g sample of something that contained 16% oxygen and 84% hydrogen because oxygen's approximate weight is 16g for one mole-6.022...*10^23 molecules- of oxygen you only have 1 mole of oxygen however. because hydrogen's approximate weight is 1g per mole there are 84 moles of hydrogen.
I am just adding to the conversation.

Anonymous said...

Well, himalayan salt contains plutonium.(which doesn't occur naturally)Also bunch of radioactive and poisonous elements like thalium and uranium. Just so you know.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous just under the Todd Caldecott.
This page says Himalayan salt contains as much as 231mg or g per kg.

This is not the only page that says so. Many says so. Found out googling it on the web.
Why can't they prove it that they don't have Sodium Cholride in the salt?
Arguing does not take marketing anywhere, proving does.

Anonymous said...

Well, so what is the truth???

Anonymous said...

All this because of white man's ardent desire to steal (i.e. pay peanuts, or bribe officials) some other people's resources, and then fool his fellow-men using slick snake-oil salesman tactics... This is getting (centuries) old!!

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Anonymous said...

My 43yr. old daughter is a fanatic user of this Pink Himalayan salt products. She has lamps in every room of the house made from this, table salt, and Himalayan cooking salt too. Today i noticed she also bought the inhaler type of salt she puts in the water for humidifier in the house. She had been using Himalayan pink salt since 2005. She has been diagnosed with Hypertension lately, 200/ 110 and the lowest was 160/100. I told her to cut down on her salt intake and she did and lately she had lowered her blood pressure to 130/90. I warned her of her excessive belief in the Himalayan salt for to me all salts are Sodium Chloride. This is the reason I got to read this blog on the negative side of the Himalayan salt. I believe that people will go on any length to make money from anything we find in Nature and the well financed company will do all sorts of advertisements and so called research to sell the products. HOW DO WE KNOW THAT THE SAME PRODUCT THAT WE RECEIVE BY MAIL from them TODAY IS THE SAME RESEARCHED PRODUCT THAT THEY TESTED WHEN THEY FIRST INTRODUCED it to the market. Why Himalayan salt ...why not Pakistani salt in fairness to the Pakistani origin of the salt?