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Sunday, March 28, 2010

When a little hype can cause big health problems

This morning a visitor from Florida was perusing Natural Health News for posts about the pink salt fad.  Their comment is below, and I have posted it so you can see how their understanding of fluorine and fluoride is grossly inaccurate.

I do not know where their information originated but it is quite well known that fluoride additives are not  pumped into water as "gas flourine".  Water fluoridation currently, and, for some time, has been in the form of adding hydrofluosilicic acid.

Fluoride in any form is not "inert", and NO, I would not do very good as a corporate lobbyist because I don't do a good job of altering facts to fit a sales scheme.
"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Himalayan Salt FAD May Be a Health Risk": Again, into US water is pumped the gas flourine. It cannot be removed with filters of any sort. Flouride, such as in salts, is an inert ingredient which is an entirely different kettle of tea. Havve you thought of applying for a job as a corporate lobbyist?"
Commenting below on the above quote is an internationally respected fluoride researcher -
Re: fluoride:
"Again, into US water is pumped the gas flourine."
Nonsense. First of all, it's FLUORINE and FLUORIDE, not flourine and flouride....
FLUORINE is a gas, and is NOT used in water fluoridation.
The two agents used most commonly for water fluoridation in the US are hydrofluorosilicic acid and sodium fluoride.
"Flouride, such as in salts, is an inert ingredient which is an entirely different kettle of tea."
FLUORIDE, even in the form of calcium fluoride, the compound called "natural fluoride" by those ignorant on this issue, is NOT inert.
SEE also:
This web site - - is not translated into English.  If you are unable to read German you may use a free translation service of your choice.  However, the chemical analysis is clear and descriptive enough to show that this " Himalayan pink crystal salt" is extremely high in several very toxic substances, contains a rather harmful level of sodium (14 percentage points higher than Celtic salt), and is replete with fluoride at 231 mg.  As with fluoride, many of the toxic substances in the "pink salt" are not necessary, and can be very harmful, for and to human and animal health.

HEALTH EFFECTS: Fluoride & the Gastrointestinal Tract

Further, data based on science, rather than marketing or sales schemes, can be found here and here.

I always welcome comments, however they should be realistic and free from links to advertising.  At NHN we reserve the right to use, not use/and or post, submitted comments accordingly.

Perhaps this is one of the most ill informed comments received at Natural Health News since Mike Adams directed his ad hominem attacks against me personally, our organization, and Natural Health News. Adams made a rash of defamatory comments about me, including one alluding to his unfounded claim that NHN is PhRMA funded.

Interestingly, Natural Health News is fully transparent;  Adams, his unidentified Taiwanese (and or other) backers, as well as their hundreds of webseed (seedweb) vacuous web sites based in Canada, are not.

Perhaps Adams is the one backed by PhRMA, and he is just projecting fear and guilt.



salmongirl said...

Do you have any scientific links on calcium flouride specifically? I think pink salt is a total hype but need some science based data, the pink salt marketrs claim that calcium flouride is somehow better and less toxic. i found the EWG info but that is all industrial use as opposed to actual studies on the toxicity of the salt itself.

herbalYODA said...

No matter what the form, whether it be sodium fluoride, calcium fluoride or any other chemical fluoride combination ( see the periodic chart) fluoride is a toxic halogen and is a very toxic element.
ANY form of fluoride displaces IODINE. IODINE is the main nutrient for your thyroid.
Look up PFPC, Fluoride Action
put fluoride in our search and you'll find more