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Monday, March 29, 2010

Buy organic for your kid's sake (and yours)!

The WIC program in Washington state eliminated organic milk to save money in 2009.  Of course this is typical WA ignorance because they fail to understand the longterm consequences of their limited understanding on this decision.
The National Research Council states that the data strongly suggests that exposure to neurotoxic compounds at levels believed to be safe for adults would result in permanent loss of brain function if it occurred during the prenatal or early childhood period of brain development. The National Academy of Sciences says that infants are likely to be 10 times more sensitive to any single pesticide than an adult. Furthermore, the additive effects of pesticides consumed in combination are not considered when regulating pesticides; nor are multiple routes of exposure (through food, water, and household products). The additive affect of simultaneous exposure to multiple pesticides presents a real-world risk to infants and children.

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