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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Good News for Vitamin B and Your Brain

UPDATE: 19 October - Never too early to add B12 supplements as they commonly did half a century ago!

Vitamin B12 link to Alzheimer's backed by study  Evidence is mounting that levels of vitamin B12 may be connected to the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.  B 12

I had a really happy morning begin when I read the following article -

And of course I was still shocked because it takes so long for mainstream health research to catch up with what I and others have known for decades.  I again have to suggest, first start in the stacks!

If you go back to the 1960s and earlier you will see that most doctors advised B12 shots and other vitamins along with natural thyroid support to people as they aged.  This of course acted to protect the brain and we rarely heard of dementia.

A colleague of mine from the Safe Harbor Project said in 1991 -

"Most cases of Alzheimer's dementia are actually missed B12 deficiency cases, because of the too-low normal range for B12," wrote John V. Dommisse, MD in 1991 in Medical Hypotheses. (3) Dommisse, who practices medicine in Tucson, Arizona, has confirmed (7,8,9) that Alzheimer's disease appears to result from too-low serum vitamin B12, and repletion of the vitamin succeeds despite other risk factors. Repleting B12, according to Dommisse, can reverse 75% of B12 deficiency dementias when the condition is discovered early enough. (10)
Other aspects of the therapy should be noted: The neurological and cerebral manifestations of B12 deficiency require dosages larger, (11) and extending over a longer time, (12) than to those needed to reverse hematologic effects. (13) B12 therapy appears to be perfectly safe; in other words, the risk of overdose is virtually nil. Patients of Dr. H.L. Newbold in New York City injected themselves three times daily with triple-strength doses of B12 (9,000 ug/micrograms/per day) indefinitely. Their serum B12 levels reached 200,000 pg/ml (100 times the normal level found in newborn babies and higher), but none had any significant side effects. (3) Complete article
As more and more focus came to look only at drug therapies, more and more problems in this area developed.  For example, look at one of the side effects of statins, dementia.  For more information read here.

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And there are some 76 B vitamin, Alzheimer's, and dementia related posts including those that address the related connection to fluoridated water, psychotropic drugs, diet, and other information.

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My advice, look for high quality B complex food sources, like the organic nutritional yeast I get from Germany, high quality B complex supplements, B12 shots, or other healthy approaches for brain health as you age.

Taking Care of Your Brain is Possible!

Pauling Institute has this to say which may also interest Natural Health News readers. 

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It's good to have enough vitamins to prevent Alzheimers.

Notcathy said...

Brain is very important to us, so we need to take good care of our brain to prevent brain damages and cancer. Through eating the right foods we can help to prevent those diseases.