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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Obesity: Concerns and Considerations

Here are some current headlines: 
One in 6 U.S. adults struggle with weight

Childhood Obesity Woes Linked to Too Little Sleep

Parents caving on healthy choices for kids
Do you ever wonder if it isn't just too much crappy food thrown at you by Big AG, errors in immunity created by continual vaccination, all kinds of artifical additives in food, fluoride in water, and too much refined food, with too many sugars (not to let artificial sweeteners off the hook?)

Then consider lack of absorption of nutrients, if any nutrients are actually in the food you consume.

The start here with the real food pyramid, skip the shots, skip water fluoridation, and start exercising....

and (new) don't over look this -

Why Is the Food Industry Pumping Food Dyes That Cause Cancer Into Our Food?

Despite signs that they may cause cancer, food manufacturers continue to pour about millions of pounds of synthetic dyes into the American food supply every year.

and this -

Remember that fluoride impairs your thyroid and it is your thyroid that controls metabolism and so much more.   No question here as PFOS and PFOA in non-stick coatings used in cookware, clothing, and in so many more products used by people who do not question ingredients and effects of what chemicals are in every day products. And yes, elevated cholesterol is directly related to low functioning thyroid...

Study shows latest potential negative effect of non-stick chemicals - Obesity from non stick cookware -

Read more:

Fluoride damages your immune system, liver, and thyroid...

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Anonymous said...

Obesity is really the root cause of many disorders ranging from heart diseases to erectile dysfunction. All in all, it works like this....reduce weight and leads a healthy and simple life.