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Friday, September 24, 2010

Strong Legs Critical to Health

Strength, Endurance, Balance
NEW: February 2011 -
While traditional Chinese exercise for toning legs requires no weights or exercise equipment, there are many excellent Chinese-style exercises that can tone, firm and strengthen your legs from your thighs to your ankles. SOURCE

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NEW: 24 September 2010 -
from Matthew Scott, Chinese Health Exercises
According to traditional Chinese medical wisdom you are only as old as your legs.
Chinese medical wisdom also says if you strengthen your legs you can slow down the affects of aging and stop certain health problems.
Naturally, there are many traditional Chinese exercises to strengthen your legs. These are done using your bodyweight only. Some are so easy anyone can do them, while others you may need to build up to.
The benefits of strong, flexible legs include:
1. Better support for your whole body
2. Better balance
3. Less chance of leg and lower back pain
Traditional Chinese leg exercises do more than this though. They stimulate important energy meridians in your legs and these meridians are linked to certain internal organs like your spleen, liver and kidneys.
Do the exercises and you benefit your legs AND your internal organs.
Exercise in the traditional Chinese sense also includes techniques like self-massage and acupressure. These techniques involve pressing and rubbing specific points and areas on your legs (and other body areas) to improve circulation, stop pain, increase flexibility and more. 
There are two programs on the site showing you on video traditional Chinese exercises for the legs. There is the Long Life Exercise Programfor overall better health and the Knee Exercises Program aimed specifically at the legs.
from January 2010 - Do You Have Strong Legs?

Lower-body strength translates into good balance, flexibility, and endurance.

As you get older, those attributes are key to reducing your risk of falls and injuries -- particularly hip fractures, which often quickly lead to declining health. Up to 20% of hip-fracture patients die within 1 year because of complications from the trauma.

"Having weak thigh muscles is the number one predictor of frailty in old age," says Robert Butler, MD, president of the International Longevity Center USA in New York City.

Here's one of many suggestions to strengthen them, I know this exercise as "wall sitting".
"Target your quads with the "phantom chair" move, says Joan Price, author of The Anytime, Anywhere Exercise Book. Here's how: Stand with back against wall. Slowly walk feet out and slide back down until you're in a seated position, ensuring knees aren't beyond toes and lower back is pressed against wall. Hold until your thighs tell you, Enough! Do this daily, increasing your hold by a few seconds each time."
I do some sort of leg strengthening exercise daily because, as a writer for most of my time, I do a lot of sitting.


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