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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cod Liver Oil Helps Prevent Diabetes

"Cod-Liver Oil for Babies Can Ward Off Diabetes" -

Giving cod-liver oil to babies reduces the risk of getting diabetes later in life, researchers have found.

Studies carried out by scientists in Norway revealed that infants regularly given a spoonful of the oil during their 1st year were 25% less likely to develop diabetes. Scientists believe that the key ingredient could be long-chain fatty acids.

More about the benefits of Cod Liver Oil and healthy fats like butter in your diet.

Benefit from CLO

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diabetic diet meals said...

I have read about Cod Liver Oil very much and it is true that it prevents diabetes as some of my friends tested it and they got a remarkable results from it, so I recommend it to everyone to take a spoon of it daily if you want to avoid diabetes forever in your life.