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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Cell Phones, Other EMF Exposure and Your Health

UPDATE: 17 May -
Longterm study links cellular use with cancer and more to review
MAY IS ELECTROSENSITIVITY MONTH, many states are promoting this as a health education event.

Cell Phone Radiation Levels

FCC Consumer Resources: Wireless Devices

Even though some people who submit comments seem to assume that I am not aware of the physics and mechanics of transmission from cell towers ( The opposite is true.

I venture to guess that the anonymous poster isn't as aware as the cell phone companies who include the risks in their patents, or the work of Dr. Neil Cherry.

Now the FCC admits the cancer link, something I've been reporting for more than a decade -
-"Mobile phones could cause cancer, government agencies admit" 28 April 2010
The possible health hazards from long-term use of mobile phones are finally being taken seriously by agencies in the UK and USA after years of denials that there was any risk. In the USA, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is now recommending that people use an earpiece or headset with a cell (mobile) phone following reports that "wireless device use can be linked to cancer and other illnesses", while the UK is starting a major study of health problems from long-term use. The FCC's latest set of guidelines represents a huge shift, and for the first time acknowledges that there could be a health danger in using a cell phone. Apart from using an earpiece or headset, it recommends that users should keep phones away from the body, and should not attach them to a belt or leave them in a pocket that's next to the body; users should use the speaker option so that the phone is kept further away from the head.
To make it simple, the transmission of the microwave energy used to make your cell phone or other device work is because of communication between the device and the antenna.  Inside a building the energy required to make this connection occur is greater.

The array of emissions from the antenna is not a lineal beam (vertical or horizontal) because the pattern of the array emitted from the antenna (or more than one which is usual) takes on the from of similarity to an open umbrella.

Another consideration is the SAR level of the device and if you do a modicum of research you find that as the 3G and 4G devises proliferate the SAR levels increase.

The point is it requires a circle of no less than 6 feet in diameter  from you if you are on a cell phone or using wifi to protect another person from the radiation your device is emitting.  This is your choice if you want to have this exposure but don't think that other people, a baby you are carrying, or a small child wants the same risk.

And please do not listen to the cellular company propaganda, do your own thorough and definitive research.

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