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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Splenda, Sucralose: What it Does

Just to remind everyone that thinks using this product is good.  And if you are watching A1C you might want to avoid it all together.

Studies have shown that sucralose can:

* Cause the thymus to shrink by as much as 40% (the thymus is your immune powerhouse - it produces T cells)
* Cause enlargement of the liver and kidneys
* Reduce growth rate as much as 20%
* Cause enlargement of the large bowel area
* Reduce the amount of good bacteria in the intestines by 50%
* Increase the pH level in the intestines (a risk factor for colon cancer)
* Contribute to weight gain
* Cause aborted pregnancy low fetal body weight
* Reduce red blood cell count

Particular warning to diabetics:  Researchers found that diabetic patients using sucralose showed a statistically significant increase in glycosylated hemoglobin, a marker that is used to assess glycemic control in diabetic patients. According to the FDA, "increases in glycosolation in hemoglobin imply lessening of control of diabetes."

The Lethal Science of Splenda

Safe Sweetening: natural stevia herb with no additives, Just Like Sugar (see info in right hand column)


Anonymous said...

If this info doesn't convince you to bypass these products I don't know what will. You notice you can hardly find any chewing gum that does not contain aspartame or sucralose. Any tips on that?

Anonymous said...

Just Like Sugar is making gum, candies, and cookies, check with them.