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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's In Your Oil

Once again -

If you follow Natural Health News you know that I am against the use of canola oil in any way, shape or form. You know as well that I have written about the "plant sterol" fiasco that is sweeping the aisles of OTC products that include Centrum Cardio and Bayer's Heart Advantage.

You'll find canola oil in Promise and their "super shots" as well.

Canola is also generally GMO in the market place and it is toxic to your liver.

One expert on fats and oils classes canola oil as "too monounsaturated for health".

Here is a chart and some comments from another natural health advocate that might enlighten you.
7.4% Saturated - 61.6% Monounsaturated - 31.0% Polyunsaturated

Although Canola Oil contains a high percentage of relatively stable monounsaturated fatty acids, canola oil goes rancid quite easily, and relative to olive oil, forms high concentrations of trans fatty acids.

Canola oil consumption has also been linked to vitamin E deficiency and heart disease, especially when a person is not getting enough saturated fatty acids in his or her diet.

I recommend staying away from canola oil whenever possible.

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