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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Aspartame: Sweet, Sweet Poison

This is an article you most likely will never see in the US mainstream press.

You should however because aspartame is a toxic substance first developed as an insecticide, as was sucralose.

The article just might cause you to switch and lay off this chemical stuff that damages your mitochondrial DNA, leading to diseases of many kinds.

Just another way of covertly creating a cadre of lab rats, as I see it.
By Carlos H. Conde

During the past several weeks, an advertisement has been appearing in the Philippines’s major newspapers that extols aspartame, the artificial sweetener that goes by the brands Equal, Nutrasweet, to name two. The ad, about half a page in size, makes the assertion that aspartame is safe and that the food-and-drug regulatory agencies of the Philippines and of the United States, among other countries, have determined it to be so. The ad does not carry the name of any group or individual, thus it is safe to assume that the aspartame industry is behind it.

I am always convinced that if somebody tries to mislead the public, he would publish advertisements so frequently until the public accepts the ad’s assertion as the truth. This was the strategy that Joseph Goebbels used and perfected in selling Nazism to the German people. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it,” Goebbels had said. This is the underlying principle of advertising and public relations.

The question is, Why would the makers of aspartame spend millions of pesos to convince the public about the safety of their product? Particularly at a time when the use of the sweetener, so far as I can tell, is exploding in the Philippines, what with Coca-Cola recently launching its Zero brand? Coke Zero, of course, uses aspartame.

I am sure the answer lies in the fact that there’s still much debate about the safety of aspartame.

Read the complete story here: Aspartame: Sweet, Sweet Poison.

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