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Monday, November 10, 2008

Old News Makes the Rounds Again

I'm slowly updating my original web site that went on-line in the early 1990s. I'm working on it a few pages at a time. I do hope to have some help from two students at one of my colleges very soon.

While updating I found this news from early 2005. I'm sure it was known well before that time. Now in 2008, are we there yet. Instant replay yes, but where was implementation back in the day?

A new study reveals Vitamin D cuts a man's risk of prostate cancer by almost half. Researchers in Boston analysed blood & found men with the highest vit D had a 45% less risk of prostate cancer. They believe vit D inhibits cell growth & has anti-cancer properties. Vit D is lower in older men who are most prone to prostate cancer. The recommended daily amount of vit D is 400 iu but some experts think that is low.

And today we learn that this remarkable (fat soluable) vitamin might protect from low level radiation.

Our center offers high quality, high dose Vitamin D in several potencies. All profits help support our work.

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