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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The American Cancer Society Has It All Wrong

A new news report from the American Cancer Society (ACS) cites The Physicians Health Study headed up by Howard Sesso of Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston as "proof" vitamin C and vitamin E don't protect doctors from cancer.

The ACS conclusion also promulgates the concept that diet is the best source of vitamins.

In the study vitamin E was offered at 400 international units every other day; vitamin C was 500 milligrams daily.

At this low level of supplementation it would be difficult to reach therapeutic dose levels. It is the therapeutic dose level that protects and prevents.

It certainly is a vested interest of the ACS to dissuade the public from using vitamins because their survival relies on the fraudulent "Race for the Cure", no support for prevention and little or no inclusion of natural therapies that may be better alone or better augment the current strategies. The current strategies are linked to drugs and radiation with little to show for true long term survival in significant numbers.

It is sad to say that a Harvard affiliated institution is so remiss in its research approach that it has failed to uncover well established research that shows the effectiveness of the two vitamins for cancer prevention (such as colon cancer and vitamin E) or preventing hair loss with vitamin E provided at therapeutic dose level two days preceding chemo treatments. The therapeutic dose level of vitamin E in the very famous Drs. Schute Brothers study showing it reversed cardiovascular disease was 800 IU daily.

We also do not know if The Doctors Study used soy based vitamin E or the synthetic dl form which makes it half as effective as natural vitamin E products.

We don't know the form of vitamin C utilized either, and to say the least, the real daily minimum dose of vitamin C for adult humans is 3000 mg. Its hard to believe that 500 mg a day would do much at all, but 500 mg daily is eight times more than the USDA RDA!

As far as food sources of vitamins, yes there are some. The higher amounts are found in organically grown food. Most people can't afford organic fruits and vegetables. Commercial products are usually heavily sprayed with herbicides, pesticides and fungicides that effectively eliminate most vitamin content.

Vitamin C for instance, in therapeutic doses, can bring about dramatic recovery for blood based cancer. It has great effectiveness for hepatitis C recovery as well.

I've taken therapeutic doses of vitamin C for decades. I take no prescription drugs, don't wear glasses, don't have arthritis, kidney or gall stones, and have mostly dark brown hair. I'm told I don't look any where close to my age. And I'm not the only one I know who is a supplement supporter with similar results.

Resources for a primer of supportive information on the benefits of E and C.

Of course the choice is yours, but recall that in the late 1970s a Seattle area doctor told me that people in his practice recovered from standard cancer treatment much faster and with less problem when using the vitamin-mineral protocol I provided for him.

Perhaps, had they taken the vitamins before the diagnosis, they might never have experienced cancer.

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