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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pregnant? No Flu Shot for You

While others on the Internet seem to need to have notoriety for disclosing information about vaccines issues known to CDC "first", please note that there are at least three pages or more of articles on our blog that you can locate via the search function. Other resources are on our main site that contain a tremendous amount of information about the risks of vaccination.

We also credit our sources, many of whom specialize in vaccine issues. And we don't troll other web sites, copy information and use it as our own.

We come from many decades in health care and many more in natural health ( just celebrating more than 50 years studying and using natural healing, with more than 30 years in medicine). We write based on the science and fact, with a strong hold on ethics. It's that our goals are probably different, even though we know it takes money to provide this and other services.

Lately I am sure you've noticed that there is a push for women who are pregnant to get a flu shot to protect their baby one it is born.

This PR campaign is not for your health, as you can see from a 2001 report on our web site.
One of the most bizarre twists on the flu vaccine saga is the CDC recommendation of 2001 that all pregnant women receive the vaccine in their second or third trimester. This recommendation even has doctors confused, since the vaccine remains a category C drug (unknown risk for pregnancy). No adequate studies have been conducted to monitor safety of the vaccine for mother and fetus. The only studies of adverse effects in pregnancy were conducted in the 1970s (Heinonen et al., 1973; Sumaya & Gibbs, 1979). Some flu vaccines still contain mercury as a preservative, despite a 1998 FDA instruction to remove mercury from all drugs. According to the CDC, two groups are most vulnerable to methylmercury¾the fetus and children ages 14 and younger. An article published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 1999 stated, "the greatest susceptibility to methylmercury neurotoxicity occurs during late gestation" (Grandjean et al., 1999). How did CDC committee members determine that flu vaccines were safe for pregnant women? They did not. The committee, despite its own recommendation, states, "additional data are needed to confirm the safety of vaccination during pregnancy" (CDC, 2001b).

Many other queries wish information about vaccine ingredients. That information is on this blog, posted earlier this year, and many from prior years. October 07 we have a post on what's in the vaccines. And their is much, much more.

Please just get the information before you blindly act on TV ads.

Barbara Loe Fisher is a key vaccine researcher. She exposed the FDA and CDC issues on Gardasil in 2006. She's the go to person when you want facts not sensationalism.

Remember, we're not selling pots or anything else, we don't have backers with lots of money because we are a certified non-profit organization dedicated to natural public health, since 1988.

And we certainly appreciate your fully tax deductible donations and hope you'll support those who do help us out.

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