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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Excerpt: Other Than Antibiotics

I have studied and used the method of essential oils with tinctures for many years, based on my studies of the European medical model as exemplified by the work of Drs. Duraffourd and Lapraz.

My method for H. pylori is one based on the use of Taoist herbal formulas fully evaluated at Dana Farber / Harvard.

There is great value in this work.
Treatment Of Infections Without Antibiotics By Dan Kenner, PhD, LAc.
Alternatives to Antibiotics

There are numerous alternative ways of treatment including ultraviolet light, Rife frequency generators, Chinese herbs, homeopathic medications, and more; but there are three methods that are in use in Europe among physicians practicing alternative medicine: isopathic immune modulators, essential oils with tinctures, and metallic colloids. They are used by a growing number of primary care practitioners in most countries in Western Europe. The approach to using these alternatives addresses the problem of infection as a problem of the whole system. The medications are considered to alter the internal condition in some way so that it is no longer hospitable to pathogenic microbes. To illustrate this point, it is well known that the streptococcus bacterium is a normal inhabitant of the throat mucosa as well as the gall bladder and colon. If a person’s internal condition is such that an internal toxic condition causes overgrowth of streptococcus in the throat, it is not enough to simply kill the germ. The fundamental toxic condition must also be treated. Streptococcus is a saprophyte, a bacterium that feeds on dead or decaying organic matter. Killing the streptococcus will prevent it from doing its job and simply result in another overgrowth, perhaps with renewed force or a more resistant strain. Another example is Helicobacter pylori, which is thought to be responsible for gastric ulcers; and, according to some researchers, overgrowth may even be implicated as a causal factor in stomach cancer. But while many individuals, perhaps most people, carry H. pylori, most of them never become symptomatic. These are two examples of how the primary cause of a disease is the creation of internal conditions in the body that cause certain microbes, even normally occurring ones like streptococcus and Helicobacter, to proliferate and overgrow.

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