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Monday, November 03, 2008

What's in that can? M, M, not so good...

TV ads for Campbell's Select Harvest Healthy Request soup leave me with my head scratching.

The ads are to try to prove to you that Campbell's is a better choice over Progresso. Of course now Progresso has axed the MSG and salt too so it makes you wonder.

One thing I don't like about Campbell's is that their ads promote the use of "sea salt" yet if you call them they refuse to tell you where their 'sea salt' comes from.

Well I thought I'd check it out so I purchased a can of Campbell's SH soup, reading the label, as the soup heated up on my range.

I chose the Italian Style Wedding Soup, with "Real Ingredients For Real Taste".

First off I didn't notice too much taste.

Textured soy protein or concentrate isn't a health promoting substance, and they add additional soy protein concentrate! Bleached wheat flour cracker meal is followed by corn syrup solids, then there's modified wheat starch, flavoring (often this means MSG), potassium chloride (a salt substitute added in with 'lower sodium sea salt'), carrot juice concentrate (means it's cooked), salt, yeast extract, sugar, cornstarch and a few vegetables and chicken stock all thrown in the vat and cooked up for your delight. And if you cook it in the microwave your 10% vitamin A content goes up in smoke.

They also note that "Real Ingredients" are ingredients you understand.

I guess I don't understand because to me the list includes little of what is real to me.

Next time I'll try Progresso, then it will be back to homemade, like the big pot of turkey soup I just made from authentic "real ingredients".

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Anonymous said...

The Yeast Extract contains MSG.