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Friday, August 13, 2010

Hushed Up: Disease causes

From Edward Priestley.
The Christie Hospital in Manchester, where I gave bone marrow for research over 20 years ago said recently they hope to increase survival rates for lymphatic leukaemia from about 20% to 40%. Whether this will actually happen remains to be seen.
These are not survival rates the public are generally led to believe.
I believe many of those raising funds for leukaemia research must be aware there are known causes (toxic chemicals, medical drugs, radiation) but they do not speak out. I know from my own and others' experiences patients and their families are intimidated by the not to speak out. It was one of the first things my consultant at Halifax told my wife and I after I was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia - "Do not bandy your condition about".
So as soon as I was able, nearly a year later, when I 'escaped' from Hammersmith Hospital, I wrote articles in the media on causes. This resulted in many local sufferers contacting me. Every one of their conditions had an obvious cause when you investigated.
There are frantic efforts to improve blood disease treatment because of the increase in incidence, so the causes do not have to be admitted.
The refusal by the UK Government to warn children of these dangers of solvent abuse on leaflets shows just how resistant they are to warning the public of the dangers.
Speaking of the many medical drugs which cause leukaemia is taboo in the media. Professor Judith Marsh wrote to me in 2006 saying she and 11 other of the world's leading experts, most of whom I know well, could not get a research paper published. They were very disappointed because the paper included information on the causes of aplastic anaemia and leukaemia.
She, like the rest, still says the cause is unknown in about half of cases, but they never tell patients the causes even when they are 100% sure of it. When you investigate causes you find that nearly 100% of patients have no idea of the causes, which like my own case, was never investigated by them.
Ref. Harrison's Principals of Internal Medicine "The percentage of cases of aplastic anaemia where a cause is found depends on the vigour with which a cause is sought.".
In other words, if you never look for a cause you never find one. You could say the same for many medical drug, chemical and radiation induced conditions like Parkinson's, most cancers etc.


Anonymous said...

There is no profit in knowing the cure for any disease, there is only profit in the treatment of diseases. If a cause is disclosed then a cure is given by avoiding the cause.

Doctors who breach this and start talking about causes and cures will eventually be ostracized as kooks and lose their license. Big Pharma will do whatever it takes to protect their yearly billions.

Unknown said...

Yes, you are quite right! Sadly so. But an effort to make people aware that there is a cause and a cure may help them become more active in their own care, and help them learn that it is good to ask questions and expect answers.