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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Energy Healing Moves Mountains

UPDATE: 2010
"The greatest discovery that is going to be made is a way of healing two kinds of cancers. However, man must realize that they have to work on body, mind, spirit healing after the cure takes place; else the cancer will make a second call in the same body, for the cure must take place in the mental and spiritual bodies as well as the physical."
From April 2008 -
Over 5,000 years ago, the Yellow Emperor of China, in his Handbook of Internal Medicine, stated that all disease was the result of an imbalance of vital life energies.

Some 30 years ago I signed up for a class in New York, mainly geared to nurses, to learn something called Therapeutic Touch. Delores Kreiger, then at NYU's College of Nursing and Dora Kunz are the founders of the system.

Over the years I have studied and become certified in perhaps five other forms of energy healing. For the most part, I use Reiki (as a Master and teacher) and Kahuna because I enjoy the process and the results I see in people.

I believe in this work to such a degree that I offer Reiki Level One to people by donation rather than charging a high fee as I often see advertised on the web or in a close by city.

The thing is that it does work, and as this story says, you do not have to believe in it to get the benefits.
Healing touch – acupuncture without the needles
Updated: 4/5/2007
By: Ivanhoe Broadcast News

Healing touch therapy is a complementary energy-based approach to healing. The goal of healing touch is to restore balance to the human energy system through a heart-centered relationship with the use of contact and non-contact touch. It is believed this balance can help the body in its natural ability to heal.

While healing touch is an alternative treatment, it is becoming more and more accepted at mainstream hospitals. One hospital that provides healing touch therapy is St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa, Fla.

Kimberly Gray is the head of the Healing Touch Program there. She's a nurse who has used healing touch for three years with her patients. Her managers, doctors and other nurses started to notice what a difference healing touch had on the patients. So, in 2004, the hospital gave her a chance to do healing touch 100 percent of the time and to track the results of her work.

Gray conducted a study with 140 patients at the hospital. The patients rated their pain, anxiety and nausea before and after the treatment. The study found the average pain score on a scale of zero to 10 decreased from an average of seven before healing touch treatments to two after healing touch treatments.

The data also shows a decrease in anxiety, nausea, and in some cases, a decrease in hospital length of stay-days. The data also shows an increase in overall patient satisfaction. The results were so impressive, the hospital began a healing touch program and named Kimberly as the head of it.

Healing touch is a bio-field therapy. It is described as being similar to acupuncture without the needles. The healing touch practitioner facilitates the healing process by clearing and balancing the bio-electromagnetic field surrounding the human body. The belief is all healing is self-healing, and the balance of energy helps the body achieve the greatest level of ability to heal.

Patients describe the experience as relaxing and a sense of warmth around them. Many patients experience a profound sense of relaxation following a healing touch therapy session.

Kimberly said some of her greatest allies are those who were first skeptical of healing touch therapy. She said with healing touch therapy, the person does not have to believe in it, but they have to be open to the experience. She said that in healing touch, they do not push the energy; they allow energy to flow through them for the greatest benefit to the patient. In her years as a healing touch practitioner, she has seen amazing results from her work. In one case, she helped a young man come out of a coma.


Anonymous said...

Great information. Have you looked at Tong Ren done by Tom Tam (unsure of the spelling of His name) in the Boston area. He is getting great results doing a form of energy healing acupuncture. It is excellent to see this field of healing starting to get recognition.

Unknown said...

I am a student of Jiang Jing, he does similar work, from a Taoist perspective.

People just need to be more open to the reality of this work. It can be very amazing in its benefit.