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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


UPDATE: August 2010 - 
Salmonella in Feed

Food and Drug Administration officials said Thursday their investigators had homed in on chicken feed as a likely major contributor to the salmonella contamination that triggered a nationwide egg recall and potentially caused nearly 1,500 cases of illness.
Feed found at Wright County Egg in Iowa tested positive for salmonella, FDA officials said at a joint news conference with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Salmonella also was found in walkways and manure at Wright County Egg, as well as in ingredients used in the feed. The samples of the salmonella were a genetic match to the salmonella that has made many people sick, officials said.
The feed also was given to young hens, called pullets, that were supplied to Hillandale Farms, also in Iowa. Complete article

Contaminated eggs sold to pasteurization companies for other uses
As the effort to control food moves along in Congress with S510, Rep DeLauro from Connecticut, whose husband is a Monsanto shill, decides we should pasteurize all eggs. Of course you did not hear her propose any effort to clean up factory farming and down size the mega corps rolling out over 5 million eggs a day. 

You might find this of interest, especially in light of the recent toxic dumping at Cataldo Mission (BP of the NW), the Gulf oil debacle, and this food safety concern. 
WASHINGTON, Aug. 26 (UPI) --Tainted eggs sold to pasteurization plants
Shell eggs subject to a huge recall are reaching U.S. consumers via facilities that pasteurize the eggs to get rid of any possible salmonella, officials said.

U.S. Agriculture Department officials said the eggs are sold to so-called "breaking plants" that crack the shells, pasteurize the eggs and transform them into another form used in a number of products, CNN reported Thursday.

A half-billion eggs were recalled by Iowa's Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms during the salmonella scare. The pasteurization at the USDA-approved breaking plants kills the salmonella bacteria, officials said.

The roughly 50 breaking plants aren't new, but federal monitoring of the facilities has been "stepped up" since the outbreak tied to reports of hundreds of illnesses, Agriculture Department spokesman Caleb Weaver said.

Every batch of eggs suspected of being contaminated will be tested and won't be shipped out until negative test results are returned, Weaver said.

Small-scale egg producers may be benefiting from the massive recall as they try to distance themselves from the large-scale facilities that had to pull their shell eggs because of threat of contamination, Food Safety News reported.

Gary Balducci, owner of Wishing Well Acres and president of the Maine Poultry Growers Association, sells his eggs -- about 50 dozen a week -- at his farm stand and raises replacement hens for small-scale egg producers. 

"More people will decide to buy their eggs from local farmers," he said. "A lot of people will start going to farmers markets and local farm stands to get their eggs." 

The recall also is a wake-up call for consumers to realize that not everything in a grocery store is safe, he added.

"People need to take responsibility for knowing where their food comes from," he said. 
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UPDATE:  And now another food recall, this time meat, found mostly at Wal-Mart

Nationwide meat recall announced

By the CNN Wire Staff

NEW: Wal-Mart says products immediately were pulled from shelves
The recalled meat products were sold at Wal-Marts nationwide

The meat products were produced from mid-June through early July

Listeriosis is an uncommon, but potentially fatal disease

(CNN) -- Zemco Industries in Buffalo, New York, has recalled approximately 380,000 pounds of deli meat that may be contaminated with bacteria that can cause a potentially fatal disease, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Monday.
More symptoms of factory farming!

Only half of FDA scientists in survey had full confidence in egg safety

The study, conducted by the Union of Concerned Scientists before the salmonella recall, asked FDA officials how confident they were in the agency's ability to protect consumers from food-borne illnesses.
"The number of illnesses, which can be life-threatening, especially to those with weakened immune systems, is expected to increase. The most common symptoms are diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever eight to 72 hours of eating a contaminated product."

Marion Nestle comments on egg contamination

WASHINGTON – An Iowa egg producer is recalling 228 million eggs after being linked to an outbreak of salmonella poisoning.
The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said eggs from Wright County Egg in Galt, Iowa, were linked to several illnesses in Colorado, California and Minnesota. The CDC said about 200 cases of the strain of salmonella linked to the eggs were reported weekly during June and July, four times the normal number of such occurrences.
State health officials say tainted eggs have sickened at least 266 Californians and seven in Minnesota.
The eggs were distributed around the country and packaged under the names Lucerne, Albertson, Mountain Dairy, Ralph's, Boomsma's, Sunshine, Hillandale, Trafficanda, Farm Fresh, Shoreland, Lund, Dutch Farms and Kemp.
The Food and Drug Administration is investigating.
In a statement, company officials said the FDA is "on-site to review records and inspect our barns." The officials said they began the recall Aug. 13.
The most common symptoms of salmonella are diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever within eight hours to 72 hours of eating a contaminated product. It can be life-threatening, especially to those with weakened immune systems.

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