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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Things Go Differently in Bulgaria

In the US we have given another boost to PhRMA profits in the bug buy of flu vaccine last year.  Unfortunately our health pundits avoid wrath and punishment.
More than half the government's massive stockpile of H1N1 vaccines remain unused and are set to expire, six months after health officials scrambled to prepare and distribute adequate quantities of the antidote. The H1N1 vaccine program cost the government $1.6 billion. More than half the doses are likely to get thrown away.

Health official charged in flu vaccine buy
Bulgaria, April 2 (UPI) -- Bulgarian Health Minister Bozhidar Nanev resigned after being charged with corruption in the purchase of unnecessary H1N1 flu vaccine doses.
Nanev, 57, was charged with overspending on 200,000 doses of vaccine from the highest bidder weeks after a flu epidemic had ended, The Sofia Echo reported.
Prosecutors allege Nanev signed a deal with Swiss drug maker Roche in December that cost more than $1.6 million more than a lower bid received 20 days earlier from Britain's National Health Service.
Nanev denied the charge and was free on bail, the EU Observer said.
The vaccine is in storage and has a 2014 expiration date, the Echo said.

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