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Friday, April 16, 2010

Intestinal Anti-inflammation Drug CAUSES It

I work with Alice from time to time as several of my articles are found at, where she is the editor.

I find it supportive to see that other health sites are proactively education you about drug risks, especially when dangerous side effects can be the outcome.
By Alice Wessendorf

Another drug produced by Big Pharma that causes, and even worsens, the exact problem it is supposed to treat? It’s almost like this isn’t news anymore.

Turns out that the Caspase–1-inhibiting drugs, designed to quell the inflammation in the colon associated with colitis, are triggering intense inflammatory reactions that lead to severe flare ups of colitis.

A research team out of McGill University has proven that inhibiting or eliminating the protein Capsase-1—the very one targeted by these drugs—can cause the inflammation process to go out of control. Even worse, suppressing this important protein could eventually lead to certain cancers developing.

Every day your gut is bombarded with bacteria and the result is a controlled inflammatory response by your body. Occasionally, in some people, that inflammatory response flares out of control and this can lead to inflammatory bowel disease and make them susceptible to developing cancer like cancer of the colon.

Drug makers suspected that the protein Caspase-1 was involved in this inflammation process. So in all their wisdom, and rush to get a new product to market, they designed drugs to suppress it. Problem is they failed to take into account that the protein was an integral part of the entire regulated inflammation process.

So, the drugs leave your gut essentially defenseless when it comes into contact with bacteria. No Caspase-1 means no barrier. Bacteria are left free to invade deeper into tissues and cause much more severe inflammations, which can lead to cancer.

This is yet one more example of drugs doing more harm than good. In this case, Big Pharma’s half-cocked profits-before-people run to market could kill you.
This class of drug has also been tried with ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Need some practical, non-drug approaches to dealing with an inflamed bowel?

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