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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Growing Healthier Food

I would encourage everyone to make a point to see FOOD, Inc.

It is enlightening if you are new to learning about the ways Big AG and the corporatocracy controls your food supply. And it isn't just regular foods sold in regular supermarkets, its the organic market as well.

I look back on the food I was provided growing up and cannot imagine the way is grown and or processed today. My mother shopped at the Amish Farmer's Market, we had eggs and butter delivered from the farm, our milk wasn't homogenized, and in the summer we had lots of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and fresh seafood.

I think real food makes a difference in how healthy you can be. I also don't think it is a terrible thing to eat meat, basically because some people do need to eat meat to insure there metabolic needs are met. (Find out your metabolic standard with our self-test, $40)

The key to the health of the meat you eat is based on what and how it is raised.

Just like the oft-misunderstood insanity of pH in humans, pH in animals makes a difference too. It becomes more important because you are directly impacted by what animals are fed.

We know about hogs that are fed sugar coated corn flakes to fatten them up; cows that are fed corn, soy, ground up cows and chickens; and chickens that are altered to get fat fast. It is that assembly line mentality applied to farming that seems to have lead us down the path to the current level of terribly poor health status.

One thing struck me while re-viewing FOOD,Inc. This one thing is something I have never heard in news reports about E.coli problems with meat.

Its the corn!

First it is most likely to be GMO, and it is raised with an over abundance of toxic chemicals.

Secondly, when ruminant animals that are - by nature - known to rely on grass as their food, feeding them corn and any other add-in you might think of changes their gut pH.

When you change the pH, you foster E. coli.

When you utilize crowded feed lots and faster and faster processing methods, you foster E. coli.

When you over dose animals with antibiotics and hormones aimed at a fast fix for this problem, you haven't considered the real issues.

Not considering the real issues leads to all the problems, and the concept that it is cheaper to pay the fine than correct the cause.

You can make a difference. Healthy food begins with your voice. Tell your grocer you want naturally raised meats and eventually that's all that will be sold.

In the interim, join an "own a cow-pig-poultry-sheep" group that feeds only what comes naturally.

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