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Monday, May 26, 2008

Nebraska Healing Machines

This story speaks to the old knowledge surrounding vibrational healing

The "healing machines" created by Emery Blagdon, Nebraska native and former hobo, who was considered just another eccentric bachelor when he died in 1986. Few of his neighbors knew that, for thirty years, Blagdon had been creating a masterpiece of idiosyncratic art in his dilapidated Sand Hills farm shed. Nearly one hundred paintings and about four hundred and fifty wire sculptures, embellished with wood, ribbon, beads, tin, and plastic, filled every corner of the 800-square-foot shed, illuminated by twinkling Christmas lights. Blagdon believed that his pieces created an electromagnetic field that could treat various diseases. When asked to explain, he would simply say, "I don't know why, it just works." The rarely exhibited Blagdon pieces are on loan to the NSHS by former North Platte resident Dan Dryden.

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