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Friday, May 23, 2008

More raised for research, nothing for cure

In two years $17 million has been raised for research.

While I am sure both Madonna and Stone are reasonably intelligent women, I am not sure I understand why they are not raising money for treatment that could help thousands of suffering people, cost little money, and attack a serious (yet known to be manufacturered) health problem effectively.

There are several other posts here about the help offered by four nutritonal supplements.

Dear Sharon, Dear Madonna,

Step up and use some of that money to supply these four supplements and stop some suffering.
Sharon Stone raises 10 million dollars for AIDS research
Fri May 23, 2008

US film star Sharon Stone raised 10 million dollars (6.4 million euros) at a star-studded event on the fringes of the Cannes film festival -- with a little help from pop icon Madonna.

Madonna joined Stone who hosted the event at Mougins, near Cannes, for the auction of one of her guitars.

Madonna is presenting extracts from her documentary on the effects of AIDS in Malawi, out of competition at the Cannes festival.

Stone for her part auctioned her Porsche 911 for 500,000 euros.

The 15th Cinema against AIDS gala, one of Europe's main charity events, attracted a host of other celebrities, including Cannes festival jury members, actresses Natalie Portman and Jeanne Balibar.

Also present were singers P. Diddy and Mary J. Blige; the actresses Elizabeth Hurley, Michelle Yeoh, Diane Kruger and Milla Jovovitch; and the actors Dennis Hopper and Christian Slater.

All the money raised was for the Amfar, the American Foundation for Aids Research, which was founded by actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Tables at Thursday night's plush charity dinner cost between 40,000 and 150,000 dollars.

Stone also hosted last year's event, which raised seven million dollars.

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