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Thursday, May 22, 2008

It matters what personal care products you use

For a very long time, probably since my 40 something daughters were tiny babes, I have been using natural personal care products, natural cleaning products and natural garden products (including the ones I make myself from plant I grow - see my book, "My Happy Garden") and avoiding the use of pharmaceuticals.

I realize I have been following the tenents of Green Living for much longer than most have heard of it, but hopefully this will help you understand more about why you need to do this too.

Fate Of Personal Care Products Linked To Environmental Pollution And Human Health Concerns

ScienceDaily (2008-05-19) -- People's concern in maintaining germ-free homes has led to the widespread use of anti-bacterial soaps and cleaning agents. But the active ingredients of those products have come under scrutiny due to environmental and human health concerns. Now, researchers have shown that antimicrobial ingredients used a half a century ago persist today in estuarine sediments into which New York City and Baltimore have discharged their treated domestic wastewater. ... > read full article

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