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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brain Cancer

With the recent announcement of Teddy Kennedy's diagnosis of malignant brain cancer several thoughts have crossed my mind.

One is that this announcement raises the awareness about this type of cancer. This is good for several reasons, no so good for others.

Not too many months ago Senator Kennedy sponsored a bill in the senate that passed into law. The bill gave many more millions to the FDA, and agency already dysfunctional and failing at protecting the public. It also showed disregard for the rights of millions of our country's citizens' right to free choice in health care and options outside mainstream medicine(MSM).

I wrote Senator Kennedy and asked how much he received from Big Pharma passed and received no reply.

Years ago Senator Kennedy's son Patrick suffered with bone cancer. Some of the treatment Patrick received was natural, beyond chem and radiation.

Even Ted's brother, President John Kennedy, was treated by a Harvard physician with natural care.

That doctor treated his own cancer naturally.

As far as brain cancers go, in Houston there is a physician who developed an effective and more natural therapy that is extremely effective for brain cancers.

This doctor, Stanislaw Burzynski, has suffered at the hands of the FDA in their effort to stop his work. Yet for three decades he has brought hope to the lives of many.

Perhaps Mr. Kennedy should go for a second opinion.

Another thought crossed my mind when thinking about this. Has anyone asked about the history of Kennedy's cell phone use?

This question is not off base, as we do know that EMF causes brain tumors.

Or has anyone considered questioning his use of aspartame in foods or medications, since the FDA clearly knows that aspartame can cause brain tumors.

A good public health oriented health care provider would be attempting to identify all possible vectors.

And last, but certainly not least, is a consideration of the health insurance and level of health care Kennedy receives.

His carte blanche health insurance is something we pay for, yet we get a fraction of that level of care in health insurance from Medicare or private and state programs. This creates classes of recipients which is taboo in equal rights concerns and discrimination issues.

I am sure that if the average person received the same diagnosis as Senator Kennedy their care would be much different. After all, few have the same "celebrity" status.

While I wish the best to Teddy, I want to be able to wish the same for anyone diagnosed with the same condition.

Better yet, I'd like to see all of it prevented.

(As Avastin has been mentioned for Kennedy, you might want to read this earlier post in this blog: Monday, March 03, 2008 A BAD DECISION ON AVASTIN)

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