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Sunday, May 11, 2008


By Robin Carneen
May 2008

Every day is Mother's Day
If you stop to think...
We wake up each & every day
With children at our feet...
There's dishes to wash
And bills to pay
And sometimes kids get ill...
Its worth it, even when times get hard
Their smiles are worth it all

And each day they grow like flowers
From a seed planted long ago...
Happy Mothers Day

We cheer them on
In school & sports
And then we have to

One day let them go...
have a great weekend

But we wouldn't trade
One moment
From the first time
We held them...
Happy Mothers Day
Whether they came
From our very loins
Or were adopted...

Unconditional love is precious
And time goes by in a flash
We have memories to hold onto
And when we're old
We can look back....
At pictures
Of them laughing
Splashing in swimming pools
Or pulling canoes

Or maybe dancing at a Powwow
Or a basketball game at school...

So if you feel tired
Maybe concerned
They may not succeed....
Tonight before you go to sleep
Check in with them and see...
How you're doing as a Mom
And don't be too surprised
That you are one they look up to
With tears of gratitude in their eyes...

But if you're having trouble
Living up to what life expects
Reach out for help from others
You know we've got your back
Because this is not an easy job
There is no pay or "how to book"
Just remember we are all still children
Of Mother Earth
And were birthed when She shook...

And what we do each & every day
Is look out for each other
So as we celebrate this day
Honor all the Mothers!(and Grandmothers)

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