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Monday, January 04, 2010

Why Insurance Reform Doesn't Get You Better Health

Senator Lieberman who is holding positive movement on insurance reform in limbo may have reason to be concerned, especially where women's health is concerned.

It seems as if the controversy over Hadassah Lieberman, the Senator's wife, is on the payroll of the Komen Foundation to the tune of about $300K a year.  Gary Locke's wife is on their payroll too, most likely lobbying while she's living in DC.

The problem with this is that Komen has no interest in CHANGE. For them it is PhRMA all the way, along with cancer promoting mammogram.

It might be why there is no effort to do more for prevention or more for research into the known environmental causes of cancer.

Nancy Brinkerman, CEO and sister of Susan Komen, is also suspect because she is on some PhRMA director's boards.

Do you wonder why the so-called health reform effort and the "race for the cure" keep circling the wagons and make deeper ruts?

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Anonymous said...

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