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Friday, January 01, 2010

Greetings for 2010 and Our RE-Commitment to Good Journalism

We're starting our sixth year at Natural Health News.  For new readers, this blog is a continuation of work we started many years before through on-line broadcasts with These Orwellian Times, and our Health Matters© publications we began in 1991.

Other than the fact that our work didn' t just pop up because of a trend, or constant digital piracy like some other sites, you can be sure that our health (35+ years) and natural health (50+ years) background offers our readers a sound basis for our comments and selection of articles we believe to be important for your health.

Natural Health News invites you to follow us here and through our other venues, as well as to participate in the discussion.

• 71% fail to adequately discuss costs.

• 71% fail to explain how big (or small) is the potential benefit.

• 66% fail to explain how big (or small) is the potential harm.

• 66% fail to evaluate the quality of the evidence.

• 60% fail to compare new idea with existing options.
Source: Health News Review
We hope to do much better because your health depends on it.

Conflict between what may be simplistically termed " the old and the new"  is far from ended.  The recent and on-going battle for public health care shows us this as 2010 begins.

We' re still faced with health insurance reform bills that do not address the core of health care but only the ruling dictocrats who aren't wiling to give up anything.  It may be that all that gets delivered is something that shows onlt that the system (as corrupt as it is) worked, because a bill was produced.  After the bill may come the reality that the system isn't working too well for the common man; it only has its focus on more moneyed corporate interests that are at stake: profits for Big Insurance and Big PhRMA.
Obama's stock falls as Medicare-for-all is abandoned 
The Guardian, Friday 1 January 2010 An increasing number of Americans are voicing their disillusionment over the current healthcare legislation (Democrats in final push for healthcare bill, 21 December). It's a pity President Obama has largely taken a hands-off approach and meekly allowed the Republicans to shred the bill. Behind the scenes, the administration met secretly with the health insurance and drug companies and negotiated terms favourable to their continued high profitability. Predictably, the stock for insurance companies has soared to a 52-week high in anticipation of a measure that will force over 25 million Americans to buy health insurance.  Millions of dollars have been doled out to lawmakers to cajole them into compliance. In the rush to pass a poorly crafted bill and declare "a healthcare victory", the Democrats have created an albatross around the neck of their party. It is tragic that support for a public option, or Medicare-for-all, which has overwhelming public support, has been abandoned. This is another shameful example of deeply entrenched business special interests triumphing over the aspirations of the American people. Jagjit Singh
For this reason, with our commitment to your best health, during 2010 the focus at Natural Health News, and for all of our web and print work will be health and healing, because your " Health Matters©".

Natural Heakth News wishes you the best of health in the coming year and we hope you'll continue to be one of our many loyal followers.  Tell your friends about us too...

And please consider supporting Natural Health News with your purchases and tax-deductible donations.  It takes a great amount of work to keep our projects going.

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