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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Readers Inspire Me

2/3/10 New Report on Lupron and similar drugs for prostate cancer

Experts Issue Warning on Prostate Hormone Therapy

(Natural Health News 1/31/10)I am always curious why people end up on this blog and take interest in what is being looked up in search engines.

Today I noticed some queries on Lupron, a drug often used in the treatment of prostate cancer.  It can also be used for other health problems but for the life of me I can't accept it being used for fibroids.

Fibroids reflect an great imbalance in female hormones, especially pointing to excessive estrogen. Since Lupron is a synthetic hormone modulator and therefore a possible potentiator of estrogen, I'm scratching my head.  I worry too about it because it seems to be connected with osteoporosis. Other concerns with Lupron do include tooth erosion. 

Isn't this a very high price to pay?  It also indicates the creation of other health problems for which PhRMA has a drug waiting in the wings, and a lascivious desire for the money it will generate.

OTHER USES, off label: Leuprolide is also used to stop early puberty (precocious puberty) in children. It helps to delay sexual development (e.g., growth of the breasts/testicles) and the start of menstrual periods. It also helps slow down the rate of early bone growth so that the chances for reaching normal adult height are increased. Leuprolide works by decreasing the amount of sex hormones that a child's body makes (estrogen in girls, testosterone in boys).
Other leuprolide products may also be used to treat disorders of the uterus (e.g., endometriosis, fibroids). In females, leuprolide reduces the amount of estrogen that the body makes.
If you have more questions about this drug refer to your prescriber, your pharmacist or via our ASK plan.

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Anonymous said...

I think they use it too for fertility treatments (IVF). Correct me if I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is used in IVF.