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Monday, June 15, 2009

Reich on Insurance

Just exactly how much money is flowing to members of congress in order to destroy a move to single payer insurance?

Thanks to Robert Reich's BLOG, here's that data -
AMA's political action committee has contributed $9.8 million to congressional candidates since 2000, and its lobbying arm is one of the most formidable on the Hill. Meanwhile, Big Insurance and Big Pharma are increasing their firepower. The five largest private insurers and their trade group America's Health Insurance Plans spent a total of $6.4 million on lobbying in the first quarter of this year, up more than $1 million from the first quarter last year, and are spending even more now. United Health Group spent $1.5 million in the first quarter, up 34 percent from the $1.1 million it spent in the first quarter last year. Aetna spent $809,793 between January and the end of March, up 41 percent from last year. Pfizer, the world's biggest drugmaker, spent more than $6.1 million on lobbying between January and March, more than double what it spent last year. It also spent nearly $3.3 million lobbying in the fourth quarter of 2008. Every one of them is upping their spending.

Reich also adds this commentary just to show you exactly how the "obstruction-by- other-means" model is in play -
The Latest Public Option Bamboozle, and How to Recognize the Real Thing
Here's the latest contortion from Senate Dems trying to win over a few Republicans to a "public option:" Let nonprofits create health-care cooperatives, and call them the public option. Kent Conrad came up with this bamboozle. Finance chair Baucus is impressed, and some Republicans -- even Grassley -- seem interested. Watch your wallets.

Disregarding your political leaning, I'd Reich has about the most common sense thinking on this issue. Certainly Obama and his retreads don't, especially those seemingly working on this issue.

Where is the Universal Claim Form? Why not cut the services in the Congressional insurance plan all these ego-seeking MOCs get at our expense, as well as preventing them from raising their own salaries?

Immediate change to the scam Big Pharma welfare plan known as the Senior Drug Plan or Part D allowing negotiation on price would rake in millions that would cover many costs.

How about states changing from the Aetna model in their own insurance plans.

And don't forget the order to require Big Insurance to clean up its administrative waste and game playing that costs billions.

No tax on the plans either.

We sure don't have too many wise planners in the White House of on Congressional committee staffs today do we?

With all the money thrown at the corrupt financial industry we could have had a good insurance plan in place for all by now you know.

And by the way, this isn't health care...

Health care is based on being able to get good food for sound nutrition, access to supplements in stead of drugs, health care of choice, prevention and cure.

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