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Monday, June 08, 2009

Medical Insurance Issue in SPIN: Obama's Way Off the Fulcrum

UPDATE: 10 June - Interesting to note that Aetna has been cited for loss of records for 450,000 people as reported by UPI.
If this is the case for one of the top medical insurance firms, just think of how secure your electronic health records AREN'T.
If you missed Ralph Nader's talk on the Politics of Health Care aired on public radio recently you can find out more about how he is saying exactly what we have said for decades.
Though we are not as famous as Nader we concur with the majority of his findings.
Yes, 60 + years since reform in the medical industry was proposed as was single payer. I'll be posting more information shortly but consider that the universal claim form would save billions and this has been ignored for at least 30 years.
There's more to consider.
The SPIN cycle is in overdrive and it is clear that those in the US get wrung out in the wash one more time as this insurance issue debate begins picking speed.

For one, I'd say Barack is too close to insiders based on his wife's former job as a hospital executive.

I'd say he'll waffle on this one and once again people will be the losers, Big Insurance and SOS will be the winners. It's all in the politics of "as if consituents don't matter".

If you read the reports on what Kennedy and Baucus are up to you can see clearly through the smoke and mirrors and know exactly what's on the block to be spun out the other end of the sausage stuffing machine. Remember it's small intestine that's stuffed with you don't know know what, then gets sold as sausage.

I know the medical industry and I know the history of "reform" over about the last 50 years. It has never worked. I am pretty sure that what is coming form the pundit's high priced mouth spilling out of congressional and oval offices is about as close to real change as a dead skunk in the middle of the road.

All this talk about electronic medical records is not worth the $20+ million or more destined to be spent on failed software that we know the government gets taken for in almost every agency. The cost of implementing this fiasco is much more that what ever will be saved. Real economists know this.

And, did anyone ask the question about how many people will opt out because of privacy concerns if electronic records are a mandate? I know I would.

The there are those of us that know the medical system in the US is failed and we do not want MOS. We want right of choice and coverage for natural care not provided by the hybrid NDs that are wanna be docs and want to hang on the same old Newtonian mechanistic model based on insurance reimbursement. Aye, there's that Idaho law I helped revamp that is a voice in the wilderness.

No talk yet on prevention. Can't be because there's no money in prevention nor is there money in keeping people healthy and well.

And just what was the problem 20-30 years ago with implementing the UNIVERSAL CLAIM FORM?

Haven't heard a word on this huge money saver. Obama could put it in immediate effect with the swipe of his hand. Being a "lefty" too I'd like to push him along this path, pronto.

Big Insurance was against it, all those different forms let the different companies add on to time and money in their pocket, less care delivered and no monitoring of real outcome.

Stay tuned for the next SPIN cycle. And in the interim, contact those idiots you elected to "represent "you and demand Universal Claim Forms NOW!

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