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Friday, June 12, 2009

Junque Journalism

I'm happy to report that I am not alone in my great concern over the current low level of reporting from such writers as Marilyn Marchione and Newsweek's Pat Wingert.

While I often do not support Oprah because she and many of her guests are corporate connected. Bob Green is just one example and he is for artificial sweeteners and obviously GMO foods found in many of his corporate sponsor's foods. This isn't good for your health.

Dr Oz and his buddy Roizen are connected with a program, Real Age, that sells the data collected to outside companies. Oz also isn't really very naturally oriented. He just skims the surface.

The anti-vaccine information presented on Oprah is good. Vaccines are not good for health and they are - more often than not - associated with higher disease rates and sicker children and adults who have had the shots.

Natural Health News tries to provide a more balanced source of information so you can think about the pap that's thrown to you by mass media.

Here's a good review of just how bad this Newsweek junque article is -

"Newsweek, a magazine described as “an infomercial masquerading as medical news” and “an example of corruption in journalism" has again demonstrated a new low in garbage journalism with this deceptive and misleading article which promotes a drug industry agenda...."

CW Randolph MD comments on the Newsweek attack article: "Multiple medical studies have linked synthetic hormone replacement therapies, such Premarin and Prempro, to health risks such as breast and uterine cancers, heart attack, stroke. Meanwhile, recent medical research and multiple clinical studies validate the safety and efficacy of bioidentical hormone replacement therapies."


1 comment:

Unknown said...

Why should Newsweek attack Oprah Winfrey?

Here's Why:

Oprah's TV show advocates Natural Medicine and Bioidentical Hormones in direct competition to the interests of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Newsweek is merely an attack dog for the drug industry. A typical issue of Newsweek magazine contains $2 million in pharma ads.

Oprah is depicted as a voodoo witch on the Newsweek cover in a desparate attempt to please the drug company sponsors of a failing magazine.

To read more:

Newsweek Attacks Oprah Winfrey and BioIdentical Hormones