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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Evidence: Collusion, Conflict of Interest at FDA and Aspartame

We all know the many reasons why we don't like the FDA, but this one is especially timely at this time. Timely as so many readers are looking up my posts on Coke Zero and related aspartame and sucralose (Splenda) or rebiana disclosures.

There are more than 67 articles here at Natural Health News concerning the products and problems with artificial sweeteners.

Here is something new to consider: During Ronald Reagan's tenure in the White House he selected Arthur Hull Hayes as FDA Commissioner.

Even though aspartame had been on the market in 1974, it was banned in 1975 because of testimony by John Olney MD, a neurologist. Dr, Olney's work raised issues about the safety of aspartame and brain cell damage. The cancer issue was also raised.

With 92 allowed adverse reactions to aspartame at the FDA, even though more have been reported, we know there is a problem. After all, aspartame, like sucralose, began as a pesticide with very sweet taste.

Reagan like Diet Pepsi just like Michael J. Fox. Fox has Parkinson's and Reagan died from Alzheimer's. Both diagnoses are known to be related to aspartame exposure.

Now, as exposed by Lane Shore, we know Arthur Hull Hayes is listed as one of the inventors of aspartame.

From McGill's Choice (Salem Press), Inventions and Inventors: Volume I, noted under "Aspartame".

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