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Monday, August 11, 2008

Make Bicycle Riding More Enjoyable

This morning I was thinking about how out of touch I must be. These research articles I read, usually dalily, give me a great cause to start my day rolling my eyes and laughing a lot.

People have always told me I am really ahead of my time, and I think they have to be correct.

Some of the research and the reports that follow amaze me just that they actually get money to do the study. Maybe it is Murphy's Law in action or some other theorem that might come from the fact that water seek its lowest level. Yes some studies are just plain stupid.

Too many other studies are just plain meaningless, so I guess I'd challenege those doling out the big bucks, like the US Government, to do a better job of looking at the real value of the outcome of a proposal. If it makes you wonder, then why fund it.

Some Studies are in another category all together. They are too late in time, and one I read this morning is a clear and perfect example.

No-nose Bicycle Saddles Improve Penile Sensation And Erectile Function In Bicycling Police Officers
ScienceDaily (2008-08-08) -- A new study examines if no-nose bike seats would be effective in alleviating the harm caused by using a traditional seat. ...

I've picked this one because in the later 80s I was trying very hard to get Bike Cops in Seattle to consider using the bicycle seat I had been using for quite some time.

I got lots of flack, mostly related to "regulation" seats or something similarly specious.

Needless to say I did not get my point across.

Now, about 20 years later, this concept is worth a study.

Here's the web site and an article, maybe it will be referenced by the current researcher, maybe not.

Woman-man-cop or not-a-cop:I gave up selling the seats a while back, but you might be interested.

I still get stares, but who cares. I'm comfy on my 'Easy Seat' and that's what counts.

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