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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Communication Please

StandUp2Cancer is a new project and the top network news anchors discussed it on Larry King last evening.

I looked up the web site because I wanted to submit a comment regarding the effectiveness of non-mainstream approaches to cancer, the fact that cures are known and address prevention.

I typed in my message but it would not go through because it was more than 500 characters (not words). I wonder how anyone could submit their story as the same form is used in this way as well.

I'm posting my comment here, perhaps Katie, Charles or Brian, or even Larry or some of the other people involved will read it and broaden their perspective with knowledge.
Cures for cancer exist! Prevention for cancer exists. I beleive it is imperative that you report on this and make this information known. The science is there and it has been for years. Now we have an amazing industry surrounding cancer and the statistics in regard to patients are abysmal.

I am more than happy to provide additional resources on this topic. As to the journalists who are involved in this project, I beleive you have an obligation to provide other than the non-mainstream Big Pharma, Big Insurance information as the public does have a right to know.

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