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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lead in unlikely places

I really don't have too much to say other than it pays to know your products. The article speaks for itself.

Remember too that Flinstones and TwinLab have been known to use toxic aspartame in their chewable vitamins aimed at young children.

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FDA Finds Lead in Vitamins
See Which Vitamins for Women and Children Have the Most and Least Lead
The FDA has identified 320 vitamins with trace amounts of lead. Though none has been labeled unsafe, some have greater potential to expose pregnant women children and babies to toxic lead than others.

The Food and Drug Administration has wrapped up testing of vitamins for women and babies, and found that almost all contain trace amounts of lead.

Lead is of particular concern to pregnant women, fetuses and young children — particularly those under the age of six. Lead, a naturally occurring metal, is know to cause permanent brain damage, limiting IQ, causing behavioral and learning problems and affecting other aspects of development. Some studies have linked exposure to violent spates across the country, and the government has worked to limit exposure by banning or limiting the lead content in paints, gasoline and, most recently, lead in many toys and children's products.

The FDA vitamin research covered 324 multivitamin-mineral products available over the Internet. The FDA failed to detect lead in only four.

However, the FDA does not consider any of these vitamins unsafe, based on lead content.

Remembering that the FDA has not labeled any of these products as unsafe, here is a summary of the 10 vitamins tested by the FDA that would result in the greatest and least exposure to lead, by age group. (complete list.)
Greatest Exposure, Ages 0-6

1. Nature's Plus Animal Parade Shake (Powder)
2. Superior Multi Age (Powder)
3. Nutraceutical Pedia Power (Tablet/Capsule)
4. Physio Kids Multilogics Chewable (Tablet/Capsule)
5. Ola Loa Kids (Powder)
6. Nature's Plus Animal Parade (Tablet/Capsule)
7. Vita-Big-Kids (Tablet/Capsule)
8. Wonder Laboratories Formula Nineteen (Tablet/Capsule)
9. Clinicians Choice Chewable Daily Multivitamins (Tablet/Capsule)
10. Dynamic Health Multi for Children (Liquid)

Least Exposure, Ages 0-6

1. Twinlab Infant Care (Liquid) *
2. Natrol Liquid Kids Companion (Liquid)*
3. NF Formulas Liquid Pediatric (Liquid)*
4. Windmill Bite-A-Mins (Tablet/Capsule)
5. Kids Liquid Dolphin Pals (Liquid)
6. My First Flintstones (Tablet/Capsule)
7. Natural Wealth Children's Chewable Multivitamins Plus Extra C (Tablet/Capsule)
8. Uno Diario Ninos (Tablet/Capsule)
9. Flintstones Plus Immunity Support (Tablet/Capsule)
10. Natural Wealth Children's Chewable Multivitamins (Tablet/Capsule)

* denotes vitamins that contained no lead, in FDA testing.
Greatest Exposure, Ages 7+

1. Kal Enhanced Energy Teen Complete (Tablet/Capsule)
2. Clinical Nutrients for Female Teens (Tablet/Capsule)
3. Clinical Nutrients For Male Teens (Tablet/Capsule)
4. Doctor's Choice For Male Teens (Tablet/Capsule)
5. Maxi Teen Supreme (Tablet/Capsule)
6. Rainbow Light Active Health TEEN (Tablet/Capsule)
7. Nature's Plus Source of Life Power Teen (Tablet/Capsule)
8. FoodScience Teen's Superior (Tablet/Capsule)
9. Esteem Total Teen (Tablet/Capsule)
10. Vitanica Women's Symetry (Tablet/Capsule)

Least Exposure, Ages 7+

1. Lil Critters Drop Zone for Teens (Candy-like)
2. Nutrition Now Zow for Teens (Candy-like)
3. Michael's For Pre-Teen Boys (Tablet/Capsule)
4. Michael's For Teen Boys (Tablet/Capsule)
5. Puritan's Pride Mega Vita Min For Teens (Tablet/Capsule)
6. Michael's Pre-Teen Girls (Tablet/Capsule)
7. Michael's Teen Girls (Tablet/Capsule)
8. Good 'N Natural Ultra Teen (Tablet/Capsule)
9. Futurebiotics Derma Teen (Tablet/Capsule)
10. GNC Mega Teen (Tablet/Capsule)

Greatest Exposure, Pregnant and Lactating Women

1. After Baby Boost 1 (Tablet/Capsule)
2. A to Z Naturals Wow! PreNatal (Tablet/Capsule)
3. Vitamin Source Prenatal Complete (Tablet/Capsule)
4. Prenatal Superior (Tablet/Capsule)
5. Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System (Tablet/Capsule)
6. Buried Treasure Prenatal Plus DHA Complete (Liquid)
7. DaVinci Laboratories Ultimate Prenatal (Tablet/Capsule)
8. Life Time Professional Pre-Natal Formula (Tablet/Capsule)
9. Daily Foods Baby & Me (Tablet/Capsule)
10. Carol Bond Women's Choice Prenatal (Tablet/Capsule)

Least Exposure, Pregnant and Lactating Women

1. After Baby Boost 2 (Tablet/Capsule) *
2. Nature's Sunshine Nature's Prenatal (Tablet/Capsule)
3. Nature's Plus Prenatal Liquid (Liquid)
4. Natrol PreNatal Care (ablet/Capsule)
5. Pregnancy Plus (Tablet/Capsule)
6. Pure Encapsulations PreNatal Nutrients (Tablet/Capsule)
7. Maxi Health One Prenatal (Tablet/Capsule)
8. Nature's Bounty Prenatal (Tablet/Capsule)
9. Stuart Prenatal (Tablet/Capsule)
10. Natural Wealth Prenatal (Tablet/Capsule)

* denotes vitamins that contained no lead, in FDA testing.
Greatest Exposure, Adult Women

1. NutriBiotic Ultimate Matrix (Tablet/Capsule)
2. Super Nutrition Women's Blend (Tablet/Capsule)
3. Esteem Total Woman (Tablet/Capsule)
4. Garden of Life Living Multi Optimal (Tablet/Capsule)
5. GenSpec VF-1 for African American Females (Tablet/Capsule)
6. For Women Only (Tablet/Capsule)
7. Garden of Life Living Multi (Tablet/Capsule)
8. DaVinci Laboratories Spectra Woman (Tablet/Capsule)
9. Women's Superior (Tablet/Capsule)
10. GenSpec VF-3 para Mujeres Hispanas (Tablet/Capsule)

Least Exposure, Adult Women

1. FemOne (Tablet/Capsule)
2. Viactiv Multivitamin Milk Chocolate (Candy-like)
3. Family Value Multivitamin/Multimineral for Woman (Tablet/Capsule)
4. Women's Basic Multi (Tablet/Capsule)
5. Kirkman EveryDay (Tablet/Capsule)
6. Vitabase Woman's Multi (Liquid)
7. Food Force Women's Force (Tablet/Capsule)
8. 21st Century One Daily Women's (Tablet/Capsule)
9. Viactiv Flavor Glides (Tablet/Capsule)
10. NewChapter Organics Every Woman's One Daily (Tablet/Capsule)

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